10 best car racing movies of all time

Best Car Racing Movies of All Time

Are you a fan of car racing movies? And you just need some recommendations that match your love of car racing? Below are some recommendations of the top 10 best car racing movies of all time for you. They are some of our favorite car racing movies that Hollywood has produced over the years.

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Best car racing movies of all time

1. Ford v. Ferrari – 2019

Christian Bale and Matt Damon starred in the epic story of Ford’s Le Mans victory, which was released on the big screen in 2019. It’s a well-written investigation into how the American company ruled the best and most important race in history. from Ferrari. This film not only captivated the audience, but also received a nomination for Best Picture.

2. Cars – 2006

“Cars” is one of the best car racing movies of all time. It tells the story of a bunch of cars that live in a world without people. This includes race cars such as Lightening McQueen, who was voiced by Owen Wilson. While it may sound weird and unpredictable that cars can survive without humans (especially drivers), this show is definitely worth watching.

3. Fast and Furious – 2001

Best car racing movies of all time

For many fans, the first Fast and Furious movie ushered in a new era and introduced them to the realm of tuner culture. And it has undeniably remained one of the most recognizable and best car racing movies of all time. The film is about street racing that started when Dwayne Johnson broke a cast by taking adventurous actions. Later, when the film was able to make enough profit, stars like Jason Statham and Paul Walker came along.

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4. Senna – 2010

Best car racing movies of all time

Ayrton Senna, probably the greatest driver ever, is the subject of the documentary Senna. Senna has earned some of the best documentaries reviews in recent years and the story is presented in a compelling way.

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5. Hurry – 2013

Best car racing movies of all time

Formula 1 is not that well known in the US. However, it is by far the most loved form of car racing in the rest of the world. James Hunt and Niki Lauda may be unknown to you. You may not be very knowledgeable about the 1976 Formula 1 season. In that case, check out “Rush”. In any case, it features Chris Hemsworth as an opponent.

6. Days of Thunder – 1990

Best car racing movies of all time

Tom Cruise plays an open-wheel racer who ventures into the dangerous world of stock cars in the movie Days of Thunder. He plays Cole Trickle, a talented open-wheel racer transitioning to NASCAR driving, in the Tony Scott movie. This is arguably the best of these movies for NASCAR enthusiasts.

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7. Speed ​​Racer – 2008

Best car racing movies of all time

“Speed ​​Racer” was somewhat of a failure. But it has its followers, because some people really long for a crazy looking cotton candy movie based on an old Japanese cartoon.

8. Need for Speed ​​– 2014

While Need for Speed ​​made a respectable amount of money, it was thought to be a bit of a statue, like most video game based movies. While the star actors Aaron Paul and Michael Keaton were excellent with their roles, the film was largely ignored.

9. Le Mans – 1971

Steve McQueen’s Le Mans isn’t known for its particularly strong plot, but it’s still one of the best and greatest car racing movies ever made. It brilliantly sums up one of the best periods in sports car racing.

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10. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby – 2006

Best car racing movies of all time

One of the funniest and best car racing movies ever made, Talladega Nights is still a favorite more than 15 years after its debut. It’s a wonderful mix of totally fantastic humor and NASCAR parody. There’s a reason racing fans love this movie.


It is true that there are several car racing movies that grab the attention and interest of car racing enthusiasts, but trust this list that we have compiled. If you haven’t seen any of these car racing movies yet, you should hurry to see them all. You probably can’t bear the title of a car racing movie buff if you haven’t, so what are you waiting for?