10 Best GTA Online Armored Cars in 2022

10 best armored cars in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online has added many special types of vehicles since its release, including armed and armored vehicles.

Armed and armored vehicles are vehicles that can be equipped with weapons and armor, giving players much more than just speeding. These vehicles can be used for various missions, heists or to make a name for themselves in the open world of Los Santos.

To help players select these types of weapons, let’s take a look at the ten best armored cars available in GTA Online so far.

Top 10 Armored Vehicles in GTA Online Players Must Try

10) Jump-off

At number 10 we have HVY Barrage, an armed ATV. It is a military vehicle that can drive on all terrains and can accommodate four players at the same time.

It is a small, lightweight vehicle that helps players get out of heated situations quickly. It is equipped with two turrets that can be operated by two independent players.

9) Paragon R

youtube cover

Next on our list is the Enus Paragon R in action. It is an armed, armored luxury coupe that can withstand even a rocket explosion. It is a sports car with the capacity of two players.

The vehicle features armor filling and bulletproof glass that can survive one direct missile impact and 15 standard rounds before being shattered.

8) Speedo Custom

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The Vapid Speedo Custom may look like a simple van at first glance, but it can do more than it looks.

When upgraded with armor and weapons, it becomes the ultimate killing machine in GTA Online. It can be equipped with a forward-firing machine gun, remote minigun turret, or remote machine gun turret.

7) Kuruma (armored)

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Next on our list is the armored version of the Kuruma sedan car available in GTA Online. It is bulletproof and can save players from all rounds an enemy throws at you.

The armored Kuruma can hold up to four players. It does not deform easily in crashes and has bulletproof windows. This car is for players who want to drive in style.

6) Duke O’Death

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At number 6 we have the Imponte Duke O’Death, a two-door armored muscle car in GTA Online. The car can survive sticky bombs with a 100% armor upgrade and is virtually bulletproof for standard firearms and vehicle guns.

The crash distortion is also very minimal, which saves the players if they encounter an unfortunate accident. It is a formidable vehicle that can outrun other armored vehicles with ease.

5) Stromberg

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Ocelot Stromberg is a custom underwater sports car made for players who love swimming. The vehicle can easily switch between car mode and submarine mode in GTA Online.

It has one of the best amours as it takes six homing missiles or three RPGs to completely destroy the car. It is also one of the deadliest vehicles in the game as it can be armed with machine guns, missiles, and torpedoes.

4) Ruiner 2000

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Next on our list is the Imponte Ruiner 2000, a modified muscle car in GTA Online. The beast is armed with machine guns and homing missiles on the lower vents of the front bumper and a parachute hatch on the roof.

It also features a power hop mechanism. While driving the vehicle, both the machine gun and rocket launcher appear to use.

3) Night shark

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HVY Nightshark is an armored four-door SUV that can be used by players who want to get big.

This armored vehicle is equipped with sniper-proof glass and twin machine guns. In terms of safety measurements, the Night Shark can withstand explosions from up to four rocket launchers and 27 homing missiles.

2) Rebellious Pickup Custom

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Next on our list is the HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Custom, a modified light armored personnel carrier.

When setting the armor to 100%, the vehicle is able to withstand up to 27 homing missiles or 14 RPGs. The vehicle can also be equipped with armor, which further improves the overall durability of the armor.

1) Patriot Mil Spec

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At number 1 we have Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec, a four-door off-road SUV in GTA Online. It is the most powerful heavy vehicle in the game.

The vehicle can be equipped with two forward-firing machine guns and heavily plated doors with the ability to install Slick Proximity Mines.

It’s chaos in the streets of Los Santos.

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It’s chaos in the streets of Los Santos. Freemode events and challenges are more frequent than usual and will pay out a whopping 4X GTA$ and RP to all participants. In addition, complete 3 Freemode challenges this week to receive a GTA$200K bonus:

GTA Online has many armed and armored cars for players to enjoy and wreak havoc in the game, but these make up our top 10.

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