10 Best Looking Minivans Ever Made

2022 Toyota Sienna

You would be wrong if you thought that vans were only for uninteresting people to drive their toddlers out of after school classes. Vans are unique in their ability to combine functionality and fun, and owning one sets you apart from your peers.

Minivans are the most spacious, adaptable, and cost-effective option for traveling families. Despite this, car-based crossovers and giant SUVs are attracting more buyers than ever before. If you regularly transport a large group of people, a minivan rather than a large SUV is likely to offer much more convenience, storage space, interior access and gas mileage. Many motorists today usually opt for SUVs and crossovers, because minivans probably look ordinary and boring. Today, only a few manufacturers still offer minibuses. Most have rated vans solely on passenger space and fuel economy. So it is necessary to comment on the question: what is the best-looking minivan of all time? Let’s take a look at some of the best looking minivans ever made.

10 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Unlike other minivans, the 2017 Pacifica doesn’t trade style, power, or agility for a living room on wheels. It stands out in its class for its stunning aesthetics and refined handling. Other minivans can’t compete with Pacifica’s style.

The sleek shape and polished face of the Pacifica contrasts sharply with the ragged lunchbox aspect of the Town & Country. With great looks, power and technology, the 2017 Pacifica continues Chrysler’s minivan tradition while adding something to it. This makes it the most effective in its class.

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9 1987-1989 Toyota Van

The 1980s Toyota Van, otherwise known as the MasterAce, Passenger Van and Wonderwagon for the last two years, is a remarkable vehicle. They did not give this vehicle a specific name for the US market; instead, it was simply referred to as “the van.” The Toyota Previa quickly replaced the boxy, cab-forward style.

To the untrained eye, it may look like a VW Vanagon, but it’s actually a Type 2. Both the Toyota and Vanagon are water-cooled and look like Star Trek shuttles, but the Toyota is much smaller.

8 2010-2015 Mazda5 Third Generation

Imagine a Mazda3, but in a minivan disguise, and you get the Mazda5. You wouldn’t be wrong if you classified the Mazda5 as a compact minivan. Its smaller footprint makes it easier to handle in tight spaces

It is perfect for city dwellers and has a sportier look and feel than larger minibuses. Its compact form and athletic personality make the Mazda5 one of the best in the segment.

7 Nissan Quest of the first generation

Nissan made the 1993-1998 model of the Quest to differentiate itself from the competition. Nissan also handled the exterior and interior design differently. Being different isn’t always a good thing, though, and Nissan alienated customers instead of attracting them.

The appearance is simple and clean. It goes back to a time when Japanese design was unique and progressive. It eliminates the old American-made version of basically lanky shoulders and becomes bright and angular.

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6 1985-1994 Chevrolet Astro 1st generation

Each of the Detroit Big 3 raced to release a minibus in the early 1980s. Chrysler was the first to offer the Voyager and Caravan K-platform, which would play a vital role in the company’s survival. The Astro’s design was squarer than that of Ford or Chrysler.

It resembled the upright looks of GM’s full-size vans. The Astro has become a cultural touchstone among van enthusiasts in the United States and beyond.

5 1989-2006 Mazda MPV

The curiously named Multi-Purpose Vehicle, also known as the MPV, was Mazda’s first foray into the minivan market. They produced this car in Europe and the United States for two generations from 1989 to 2006, which looked great in their day.

However, the third generation variant is currently in production for the Japanese market. The MPV, unlike other minivans, had one unique car-like feature: it didn’t have the sliding doors that everyone was used to.

4 1999-2022 Toyota Siena

The more classic Sienna replaced the bulbous Previa for the 1998 model year. While the body style may seem archaic compared to current versions, the first-generation Sienna quickly became a critical and buyer’s favourite.

These Siennas are among the most used minivans on the market, and their age of at least seven years makes them reasonably priced. The aesthetics, although the basic concept is a bit old, looks modern. And the current Sienna for sale is in its own league in styling and driving dynamics.

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3 1994 Renault Espace F1

This Espace debuted in 1994, with 10 cylinders for party poppers, to commemorate the ten-year relationship between Renault and Matra. It’s actually a Williams F1 car with a Renault V10 Formula 1 engine and a body that looks like an Espace. It is the fastest MPV on the market!

If it were for sale, this is the minibus that every gear stick would want. It has a carbon fiber chassis and a 3.5-litre Renault RS5 V10 40-valve engine producing nearly 800 horsepower.

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2 1971 Ford Supervan

The Ford Supervan has gone through three iterations, one more absurd than the other. While the first generation is essentially a minivan, the GT40-derived V8 helps us forget the anomalies. A Ford-Cosworth F1 engine hides under the rear cargo floor in the second iteration.

Unsurprisingly, a blocky van isn’t the best shape to fly, but the Supervan looked and sounded great while doing it.

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1 1984-1990 Turbo Dodge Caravan

The Turbo Dodge Caravan was a beautiful cross between a station wagon and a van. The Caravan, along with the Plymouth Voyager, debuted in 1984. Chrysler, now Fiat Chrysler, discontinued the Caravan in 2020, while the Pacifica and Voyager minivans will continue to be produced.

If you have a minibus, you are allowed to carry up to seven people or a large amount of cargo. Compared to a standard wagon, the large tailgate and sliding door made access much easier. It’s easy to see why they were so popular. The Dodge Caravan, along with Plymouth Voyager, has given us that classic “Minivan” look that we envision when we hear Minivans.