10 best remote controlled cars of 2022

10 best remote controlled cars of 2022

It doesn’t matter who’s at the wheel of your RC car, here’s what to keep in mind when browsing through the options:

✔️ Power source: Today’s remote controlled toys are almost all wireless and are powered by batteries that you insert or by rechargeable batteries that require you to plug the toy in. Very few RC cars are ready to go right out of the box: you’ll probably need to put in new batteries (usually not included) or charge the rechargeable batteries.

  • If toys need regular batteriesplayback takes a long time (hours), but you have to buy new batteries when they are empty.
  • Uses rechargeable batteries as a toy, the vehicle will often run for less than an hour at a time – sometimes less than half an hour – but you don’t need to buy new batteries. Rechargeable batteries are charged with a USB cable. You plug one end into the toy and the other end into a power adapter (like the kind you use to charge your phone) or your laptop to power the batteries.

✔️ Remote control: With the exception of one RC vehicle that is controlled via a smartphone, our picks require extra batteries for each remote control, which is the device a person holds to control the toy. You’ll probably want to have some AA or AAA batteries on hand to get things going.

✔️ Sustainability: We focus on trusted toy brands known for making strong toys that can withstand a lot of rough play. When we test, we make sure that RC cars can crash into walls and furniture indoors and drive over rocks and hills outdoors, all without falling apart.

✔️ Age Classification: RC cars for ages 3 and up may contain small parts that could be a choking hazard for younger children. Any remote-controlled vehicle is fun for an adult to use, but children should not be given toys that are marked above their age level, both for safety and usability. For example, if something is marked 12 and older, it probably takes some skill and patience.

✔️ Speed: Some RC cars are literally racers and others are not meant to break speed records. Vehicles rated for teens and adults usually go the fastest, but in this story the RC wheelchair is also extremely fast.

✔️ Mate: Look at the dimensions of an RC car so you know what you’re getting. Small remote-controlled toys are fun indoors, but large RC vehicles are difficult to maneuver around furniture. Any size can work outdoors as, unlike a drone, they are not likely to get stuck in a tree or on a roof.