10 Best Vehicles in the Marvel Universe

X-Men's Blackbird and the Avengers' Quinjet

While the Distinguished Competition is more known for superhero vehicles, Marvel has its share of great superhero transport options. Many superheroes can fly or teleport, but not all. In a team situation, the whole team needs an option to get where the fight is. As for individual heroes, a cool way of conveying has to do with style as well as practicality. It’s almost like superpowers and a desire for cool vehicles go hand in hand.

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Sometimes the best vehicles have little to no function, there’s just something about them that readers love. There are some very cool vehicles that Marvel’s heroes use to get around.

10 The Thanoscopter is so lame it’s cool

The Thanoscopter doesn’t seem like a cool vehicle, but this yellow helicopter decorated with Thanos’ namei is so dim, it’s cool. If there’s one character who doesn’t need a helicopter, it’s the Mad Titan. He even has a special chair that can take him anywhere in the cosmos.

However, that’s what makes the Thanoscoper great. It’s the kind of ridiculous vehicle that makes a reader smile when they see it. After all, comics are still comics, and if they’re not fun, there’s no point. Thanos in a ridiculous helicopter will always be awesome.

9 Wolverine’s motorcycle was an important part of his cool factor

There are many things from Wolverine’s early days that have fallen by the wayside. He no longer smokes cigars, drinks better and there are no more wild bar fights where Juggernaut sometimes shows up. Another factor of Wolverine’s early coolness was his motorcycle. Wolverine’s Harley was part of his lonely, outlaw image. It was loud, obnoxious and characteristically Wolverine.

As Wolverine became a more respectable superhero, the motorcycle fell by the wayside. However, for a certain generation of Wolverine fans, it’s a big part of its old appeal. He would even use it in battle when needed, springing into action in his inimitable way.

8 The Fantasticar’s unique look made it an icon

The Fantastic Four’s origins were a spaceship, so their taste in vehicles would always be great. The team needed a vehicle to match their unique aesthetic, which is where the Fantasticar came in handy. An open air flying vehicle with a pod for each member, its design has changed over the years, becoming more modern and streamlined.

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The Fantasticar is also a metaphor for the team itself. Each member of the FF is different, sometimes separated in their ways, but they always come together to help. The Fantasticar represents this beautifully; it’s more than a vehicle, just like the FF is more than a team.

7 The Spider-Buggy is way cooler than it gets the credit for

Spider-Man comics are known for being quite funny. Spider-Man likes to joke, so it makes sense. He’s also a genius inventor, although some of his inventions don’t always seem great at first glance. For many, that’s the Spider-Buggy in a nutshell. A dune buggy modified by Spider-Man and painted in his colors, it doesn’t look cool, but it’s better than it gets.

Spider-Man may not need a vehicle to travel through Manhattan, but a buggy that can climb walls is undeniably cool. Readers learned how useful it can be in Old Man Logan, as Logan and Hawkeye used it to cross the rogue-ruled United States.

6 The Helicarrier is a great balance of form and function

Being a SHIELD agent isn’t easy, but there are some obvious benefits. One is serving on a Helicarrier. The main vehicle associated with the organization, it’s a great weapon when it comes down to it. It can bring a large contingent of troops into battle, with tremendous firepower to support a landing, and it’s the ultimate air support, both because it flies and has a fighter complement.

They are not invincible, but Helicarriers are an intimidating presence. They are a perfect encapsulation of SHIELD’s power, allowing them to perform multiple mission roles at once. And when things get worse, they can bump into their enemies, which they inevitably do anyway.

5 The Starjammer was able to fight against the power of the Shi’ar Empire

There are tons of brave aliens in the Marvel universe, but an unsung bunch are the Starjammers. This group of alien pirates and freedom fighters led by Cyclops’ father Corsair was captured by the Shi’Ar and fought against the mad Emperor D’Ken. Their base of operations was the Starjammer, a ship powerful enough to attack Imperial cruisers and fast enough to retreat quickly.

The Starjammer may not be the most famous starship in the Marvel universe, but it has more than proven itself to be the best. The crew has used it for several missions over the years and has always brought them home safely.

4 Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle Burned Its Way To Everyone’s Heart

Ghost Rider’s demonic power is well known, but he wouldn’t be nearly as terrifying without his motorcycle. Sure, he’s a biker with a fire skull, but without that bike it would have all been for naught. Whether it’s Johnny Blaze’s more sedated motorcycle or Danny Ketch’s stylized black chopper, Ghost Rider’s motorcycle is a major reason the character engages with readers.

Ghost Rider’s motorcycle is as important to the character’s mystique as anything else. Fiery demons are a dime a dozen in comics; when fans saw one atop a burning iron steed, the ultimate rebellious vehicle, Ghost Rider really connected with the crowd.

3 Robbie Reyes’ Hell Charger Redefined Ghost Rider

Robbie Reyes took over as Ghost Rider and proved to be different from his predecessors in many ways. Most obvious was the fact that he had used a muscle car known as the Hell Charger, rather than the classic motorcycle Ghost Riders are known for. It suited Robbie’s mechanical past better and was even more intimidating than any motorcycle.

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Incredibly fast, the Hell Charger can drive underwater and through space and makes a huge statement. It’s a great vehicle that changed Ghost Rider forever and is superior in every way to the old motorcycles, a fiery mass of growling black muscle car.

2 The X-Men’s Blackbird is a big part of the team’s myths

The X-Men face the most dangerous enemies imaginable, and they like to arrive in style. Since the introduction of the All-New, All-Different team, the Blackbird has been the favorite vehicle of the X-Men. Originally based on the SR-71 Blackbird stealth jet, it has been modified in every way imaginable over the years, from the airframe and beyond.

The Blackbird has its own signature look and has become a big part of the X-Men’s mythos. Even when a new jet replaces it, the Blackbird always comes back. It has everything the team needs and is a great design to boot, instantly recognizable to any X-Men fan.

1 The Quinjet is extremely versatile

The Avengers combines the most powerful heroes to face the greatest threats in the MCU. The team needs first-class transportation, something robust that they can take with them wherever they go. The Quinjet has fulfilled all these roles for years. Like most Avengers tech, it was designed by Tony Stark, but other members of the team have also left their mark on it.

The Quinjets are more than just a jet; they can fly in space, are strong enough to survive all kinds of attacks, and there are multiple variants for every situation the team faces. Whether they need to get into a fight quickly or help fight an intergalactic war, the Quinjet is perfect.

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