10 Best Xbox One Police Car Chase Games

10 Best Xbox One Police Car Chase Games

There are all kinds of games to enjoy, but for a certain sect of games, being chased by the police is a pleasure. And sometimes you’re the police chasing! Plus, there are times when the creativity behind this act shines, so allow us to show you the 10 best Xbox One Police Car Chasing games!

#10 Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

We start with the all-time classic Grand Theft Auto.

Because this is a game where it is almost your job to be chased by the police at some points. After all, you are a criminal in these games, and the various acts you do will attract the attention of the police, and so you have to dodge them… or you are just going to take them out, this is Grand Theft Auto after all.

GTA’s original trilogy had a lot of police chases, so if you want to relive some of those “glory days” you can play this one.

…or you could TRY and play them…because they can be a mess of bugs…

#9 Watch Dogs Legion

The Watch Dogs franchise has often been about taking advantage of technology and using it to overthrow the existing powers.

Watch Dogs Legion takes that to the next possible level by placing you in the UK during a futuristic police state and making you part of an underground movement trying to take it down. You can play like literally anyone on the street as you recruit people with skills to help your cause.

But part of life in a police state, of course, is that the police are everywhere. And so you have to be aware of who you choose for which mission. Because if they’re taken out… they’re gone.

So put your legion to good use and see if you can bring real peace to your home.

#8 Need for Speed: Pursuit

The Need For Speed ​​games were often about…well…speed. And how you use it to get things done. With Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, the thrill is literally in the chase at both ends of the spectrum.

You can choose between being an outlaw or a cop. If you are the first, you will race across the various roads and highways to try to avoid the police. Or, if you’re a police officer, use your vehicles and various tactics at your disposal to try and stop the lawbreakers from getting away.

Add to that, there’s a multiplayer component here that not only gives you opponents, but also challenges as you race. Which side are you on in this endeavor?

#7 The crew 2

At first, The Crew 2 might not seem like a great fit for this list, but given the freedom you have to do just about anything you want… it fits in its own way.

The whole point of the game in many ways is to give racers a literal nation to drive around in, with different vehicles and roads for you to go and take. Including taking things on the road, off-road, or in the air and on the water!

You’ll be teaming up with different families to create the legacy you want to be, and we’re sure there are some cop cars in the game that you can drive or be careful with. So go crazy!

#6 LA Noire

As we noted in the intro, the variety of games has led to creative twists on certain gameplay mechanics. In LA Noire for example, you are not chased by the police, you are the cop. Or in this case, you’re a detective. Someone who has to search for clues to solve a series of cases, and that means chasing the bad guys to get justice.

This is easily one of Rockstar Games’ most unique titles, and you’ll have to be smart about getting people to work with you and find out what really happened in the cases assigned to you. So what do you think? Think you can handle being a detective?

#5 Forza Horizon 4

The Forza Horizon series is built on the concept of giving players a wide world to drive in, and with all kinds of vehicles and ways to drive it. Forza Horizon 4, which came out last year, had the biggest expansion of this at the time, giving players not only 450 cars to choose and customize, but also a huge open world to run around in.

And we mean that if players are put in a version of Great Britain where they can drive, stunt racing, travel with friends and more. It is meant to be an open and relaxing experience.

So… where are the chases? That would be with the online community. They are known to play games with each other, with some of the players being police officers putting speeders aside. So smart.

#4 Burnout Paradise remastered

Burnout wasn’t just a racing game, it was one that allowed fans to tear things apart as a driver by letting their rides skyrocket into anything they wanted and see the beautiful destruction it caused.

Burnout Paradise Remastered is the ultimate version of that, as you have the vast expanse of Paradise City that you can race in without any problems or restrictions. You will rule and ruin the streets as you drive and it will feel like a blur when you step on the accelerator.

The remastered version also gives you all the updates from the DLC and beyond, including an online game mode aptly titled…Cops and Robbers.

#3 Forza Horizon 5

We’ve already shown you one Horizon game, so what does Forza Horizon 5 add to the action? That would be a huge expanse of what you know as Mexico, as well as some of the most beautiful racing graphics you’ll ever see.

The game promises “limitless” action as you drive around in hundreds of cars alone and with friends as you race through the Mexican landscape in search of your next big thrill.

And just like before, you can team up with different players online to create and participate in various challenges, such as getting away from a “police officer”. So why not enjoy the fun?

#2 Grand Theft Auto IV

One of the most respected games ever made (a very ironic statement we’ll give you), Grand Theft Auto IV puts you in the role of Niko Bellic. A man who was just trying to escape his old life and start a new one. But when things go wrong in Liberty City right away, he’ll have to fight for survival, respect, and more.

The game, like the previous GTA titles, pits you against many forces to survive, including the police. You have to keep your trigger finger ready for whatever is about to happen.

And with two extensive DLCs to play with, you’ll have plenty of reasons to be chased by the police and others.

#1 Grand Theft Auto V

We could very easily talk about the grandeur of Grand Theft Auto V and how the story brings three very different people together to try to survive in a city full of crime. But that honestly speaks for itself.

Grand Theft Auto V is the greatest GTA game ever, not only because of the main game, but also because of the GTA Online section that players STILL enjoy to this day. It offers tons of content for you and is constantly updated. As well as offering real freedom over what you can do and what you can do with others. And yes, that includes police chases, that should have been clear by now.