10 of the best hero cars in the Fast and Furious Saga

Furious 7 Lykan Hypersport

The Fast and furious Movie Saga is a long-running Hollywood movie franchise that started with underground street racing, eventually evolving (or transitioning, if you’re a die-hard fan of the first few iterations) into films about international fugitives with hearts of gold who are seemingly immortal. With each successive film, the franchise moves one step further into the land of absurdity, and with an ever-expanding scale come cars that are becoming hyper-popular thanks to their big-screen cameos.

Whether it’s the cars Brian O’Connor drove on-screen on Paul Walker’s screen in the first two films while racing for pink slips, or the multimillion-dollar, rarest of the rare cars that the crew left without a care in the world. destroying the world, there is no denying that the Fast and furious saga has showcased some of the greatest and most respected cars, many times even influencing the sales of those cars for the better. After all, when you see your favorite characters wipe out the rest of the competition with their own cars, you also invest in the cars, which then translates into those “hero cars” becoming more popular, selling more, becoming the go-to car skins. in video games, or at the very least, generating more Google searches.

That said, here are ten of the best hero cars viewers saw and loved in the Fast and furious saga, which became an immortal part of pop culture thanks to their appearance on the big screen.

10 Suki Honda S2000

Devon Aoki’s bubbly yet fierce character of Suki leads an all-female crew of illegal street racers, designing automotive vinyl with the back of her hand. One of the most vibrant cars ever seen on the franchise’s screen in 2 Fast 2 FuriousSuki’s Honda S2000 is an all pink machine that matches the character’s personality perfectly.

The S2000 even manages to be a token Fast and furious car, by being agile and fast enough to keep up with the best in a street race, jump over an elevated drawbridge and land without crumbling, losing all of its front bumper, but still managing to finish the race . Oh, and it somehow had pink nitrous flames to match the color scheme, which made it all the more ridiculous but memorable.

9 Brian’s 1995 Toyota Supra MK4

The 1995 MK4 Toyota Supra was the quintessential 10-second car that became an instant icon when it appeared in the franchise’s opening film, all the way back in 2001. It’s also the car that was a Ferrari on the highway, instantly making it one of the most attractive cars in the world.

Plus, it was also the one Brian handed to Dom at the end, which sealed their bond and started the series of “family-heavy” storylines in subsequent films. Wrapped in Troy Lee Design’s Nuclear Gladiator skin, the Supra graced every fanboy’s bedroom walls. Fun fact, this Supra just sold for over half a million dollarssuch is the attraction even today.

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8 Dominic’s 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

The 1970 Dodge Charger R/T that Dom had in his garage was special to him, just like his father’s. Toretto managed to lovingly rebuild the car from the ground up, but chose never to race it, until the finale of the first film, where he had to take on Brian’s Supra before being caught off guard by an oncoming truck.

Dom’s Charger is one of the pillars of the Fast and furious franchise, which has appeared in several episodes over the years. It also made the car arguably the most iconic in the franchise, and the Fast and furious family even donated Vin Diesel his own 1970 Dodge Charger for his 52nd birthday.

7 Brian’s 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse

While Walker is Brian O’Connor, while on the run from the police in… 2 Fast 2 Furious drives a convertible Eclipse, it was much less memorable than the one he used at the start of the Saga, almost beating the Dominic Toretto in a drag race before the car broke down. As iconic as the car is, it was also the birth of one of the franchise’s most memorable moments, that’s the pointless ‘Danger to Manifold’ scene

It’s also the first car O’Connor has driven in the entire saga and captured his identity on screen, which makes it all the more special. Of course he was reprimanded and ridiculed by Dominic for blowing up the piston rings on this Eclipse, but Toretto was Brian’s best man several years later, so it all worked out. RELATED: Here’s the Truth Behind the Danger of Frequent Scenes from the Fast and the Furious

6 Lykan Hypersport

Furious 7 was when the crew had moved from small mechanics who stole steel for a living to international fugitives sometimes even the government recruited for their dirty work. In an effort to recover a computer chip in which the God’s eye computer program (a fancy MacGuffin, so to speak), the crew lands in Abu Dhabi to steal the ultra-fast Lykan Hypersport from a millionaire’s penthouse.

Any millionaire who can hire UFC legend Ronda Rousey as his personal security guard isn’t going to be easy to steal, and as things went south for Dom and Brian, they chose the best way to get what they needed was to drive the $3.4 million hypercar from a skyscraper in two consecutive! This is a scene that etched itself on the list of the most bizarre Hollywood blockbuster scenes ever, making the Lykan Hypersport even more popular than it was.

5 Sean’s Lancer EVO

The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift was a spin-off movie that came after the first two movies, and as fans entered the theater with skepticism because neither Paul Walker nor Vin Diesel would star in the movie, Tokyo Drift has become one of the franchise’s most beloved films.

The film saw Sean Boswell, eager to make a name for himself in Tokyo, against the ‘Drift King’ DK San, knowing nothing about drifting. It is in this beautiful red Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX that Sean learned to drift before the final showdown, which was loaned to him by the resident cool dude Han. Moreover, Keiichi Tsuchiya, the original king of drift herself complimented Sean’s drive in a small cameo in the film. RELATED: These Are the Worst Mistakes in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift

4 Han’s 1994 Mazda RX-7

Tokyo Drift introduced the character of Han Seoul to the franchise, who loved Sean Boswell’s fish-out-of-water character and chose to help him get a lift and teach him how to ride sideways. One of the coolest characters in the saga also has to have one of the coolest cars, and Han’s drive just didn’t disappoint.

The legendary Mazda RX-7 FD was the car Han drove (until the end), and remains one of the best cars in the franchise. With a custom body built by Japanese aftermarket company Veilsidethe RX-7 even won the prize for best car at the Grand Prix show in 2005.

3 Brian’s Skyline R34 GT-R

Brian’s Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R is once again one of the most iconic hero cars in the franchise, and is also easily one of the most recognizable of the series. Also the hero of the earlier unknown and therefore underestimated Turbo-loaded prelude which came between the first two films, the car was found by Brian in a used car parking lot.

It was in the Nissan Skyline R34 that Brian managed to make a name for himself in the Miami underground street racing scene, to the extent that he began to be known as ‘Bullet’. One of the saddest scenes in the entire franchise was when it met its merciless end at the hands of an EMP harpoon against the authorities.

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2 1966 Ford GT40

fast five was quite an important film in the history of the saga, as we saw the films here slowly turn into action-packed heist films, but it still struck the middle ground pretty well and remains a much-loved film. During the first act, viewers were introduced to the Ford GT40, the Ferrari Killer.

This car was important not only to Ford, but to the entire racing industry has brought down Ferrari’s hegemony at Le Mans, and won several years at Le Mans. It’s also the second car on this list to feature a special chip that acted as a MacGuffin in the movie franchise, and while it was driven very little, the blue-and-white paint job was quite iconic.

1 Dom and Letty’s Plymouth Roadrunner

The Plymouth Roadrunner is an icon in itself. First seen in Tokyo Drift, viewers jumped for joy when they realized that the presence of a purebred American muscle car at an underground Japanese car gathering could mean only one thing: Dominic Toretto’s return to the franchise.

In subsequent films, the Plymouth was driven by Michelle Rodriguez’ Letty Ortiz, in the fourth episode, and was the car she “died” in. It was also featured in the seventh episode, Furious 7 when Dom and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw collided head-on.