10 reasons why the Ford Mustang GT is the best value-for-money muscle car on the market

Ford Mustang GT Fastback

The Ford Mustang is undeniably one of the most popular nameplates in the automotive world. It became an instant hit when it debuted in 1964 as the original American pony car. As its performance increased and decreased over time, the Mustang held out and continued to amass success on its way to becoming a timeless icon. Nearly six decades later, Ford is preparing to introduce the seventh generation with the 2024 Mustang.

There is a Mustang for every need with options for every price and performance level. But the Mustang legend has deep roots in the race-bred models, such as the classic GT350, Boss 302, and Boss 429, which are some of the most desirable muscle cars. The current version of the Mustang GT delivers big dollops of power with huge V8s. But it remains in the same price range as German coupes with modest 2.0-litre engines, making it the best value for money on the market.

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10/10 Unmatched Affordable Prices in the GT Fastback Trim

The 2022 Ford Mustang GT Fastback offers one of the best car bargains on the market right from the start MSRP of $38,045. While rival V8-powered muscle cars from Chevy and Dodge offer competitive prices, you’ll find it hard to match this price anywhere else.

European sports cars with less performance ask for numbers that allow you to get two or three GT Fastback copies. A Porsche 718 Cayman GTS with 394 hp on the crank comes with a MSRP of $90,300.

9/10 The Mustang GT offers legendary proven performance

The Mustang Mach-E is ready to take the iconic nameplate into a future of electric performance. But for now, the Mustang GT relies on the legendary and proven V8 performance. Under the muscular hood is a 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 engine with 450 horsepower and 410 lb.-ft of torque on 93 octane fuel.

These are beastly numbers for the money, and they motivate the Mustang GT to launch from zero to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds. Also, the Coyote V8 is highly customizable with a Roush Phase 2 TVS 2650 supercharger that can boost output to 750 ponies for an extra $8k.

8/10 The Mustang GT offers iconic exterior styling

The Mustang GT hierarchy gave us some of the best looking muscle cars of all time. The current version has a serious look to complement the performance. It’s undeniably retro with a long hood, low roof and slanted rear window.

Optional styling packs help enhance the car’s masculine appearance. You can install the optional over-the-top racing stripe ebony or white for that late 60s Mustang GT Fastback look. You can also get the Black Accent package which includes a blade deck lid spoiler, painted roof and 19″ Ebony Black -painted forged aluminum wheels.

7/10 The Mustang GT is a classic muscle car with some politeness

Despite their potential, vintage muscle cars were difficult to drive, difficult to handle and lacked the safety features found in modern cars. While today’s muscle cars are more refined and a lot easier to drive, some remain difficult to maneuver thanks to their monstrous power and responsiveness.

But the Mustang GT offers the thrill of a classic muscle car with some civility. It gives a fitting nod to Mustang heritage with an interior that combines retro style with modern conveniences such as easy-to-use technical features. And you get a civilized ride with a low noise level in the cab.

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6/10 Reasonable balance between ride comfort and body control

The Mustang GT’s cutting ability comes at the cost of a firm ride, and the stock non-adjustable suspension doesn’t help the situation much. You can feel every expansion joint in the way.

But the independent rear suspension absorbs sharper shocks well, so it’s never really hard or brittle. It strikes a good balance between ride comfort and body control, making a strong case for a daily driveable muscle car. It would also be best if you consider upgrading to the $1,695 MagneRide Damping System. It comes filled with magnetorheological fluid for adjustability.

5/10 A satisfying six-speed manual transmission

Car makers are increasingly dropping the manual transmission and most new performance cars would be nicer with a shift lever. The 2022 Mustang GT is one of the few nameplates eager to save the manual. It comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission with an optional ten-speed automatic transmission.

The Mustang GT’s manual is delightful and suits the old-fashioned, V8-powered pony car character. It provides great rev matching thanks to the precise shifting mechanism and good effortless acceleration of the gears during quick shifts.

4/10 The Mustang GT offers better visibility than a Camaro

Muscle cars have massive power and bold looks across the board. So it’s hard to tell them apart based on raw performance purely, and it comes down to the technicalities. Many models suffer from limited visibility due to their aggressive designs. But it gains a distinct advantage over its Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger rivals by offering a better view out.

The thinner roof pillars create fewer obstacles, providing better forward visibility and a safe driving result. You still get limited rear view, which you have to deal with in most sports cars. But the Mustang GT’s blind spots don’t get in the way like close rivals do.

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3/10 Provides gear upgrades for transformative performance packs

The Ford Mustang range comes with numerous performance and appearance packages across trim levels. The Mustang GT comes with the optional and transformative GT Performance package upgrade, which adds tackier summer tires, heavy-duty front springs, Brembo front brakes and additional chassis reinforcement.

It also features a unique chassis and stability control system, performance rear wing, larger radiator, larger rear anti-roll bar and Torsen limited slip differential.

2/10 The GT500 is more of a supercar than a muscle car

At the top of the Mustang food chain is the monstrous Shelby GT500. It’s the most powerful Mustang ever and the most powerful production road car in Ford’s richly decorated history. It features a supercharged Cross Plane Crank V8 engine, making it a hardcore track toy.

The GT500 is more of a supercar than a muscle car, and with its 760 ponies it certainly gives supercars value for money. In comparison, the 710hp Ferrari F8 Tributo costs $283k, while the 759hp Lamborghini Aventador SVJ costs over half a million dollars, making the Mustang Shelby GT500 great value for money.

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1/10 The Mustang GT offers incredible driving sensations

Each version of the Mustang offers the thrilling ride you would expect from America’s poster muscle car. The Mustang GT takes the excitement up a notch and is a blast to drive. The V8 engine is massively powerful and you have to push it hard to squeeze out all the 450 horsepower. The steering response is slower and requires more input than in a BMW M240i or the Audi TT.

There’s a lot of steering feel too, and it keeps you informed of what the front wheels are up to. You get engaging handling and the rear wheels slide out for some fun if you enter a corner too fast. And you get a lot of comfort features, making it easy to live with.