10 reasons why the Lamborghini Urus is the best SUV for wealthy gearheads


One thing is certain with the Urus, to own one you have to be pretty well off because Lamborghinic are not shy about charging fees for their work.

In what’s a bit of a rude twist of fate, it’s technically one of the more affordable Lamborghinis, which really makes you wonder where these folks get all their money from. Of all the high-performance SUVs that have hit the market in recent years, this one stands out not only for their outlandish paintwork or that extravagant price tag, but also for the real-world performance.

They are a supercar manufacturer at their core and make no bones about the fact that this is some sort of off road beast, the fact that it is 4WD is more of a coincidence as the Urus is really just a really big supercar.

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10 Exclusive price tag

The biggest limiting factor for the Urus is easily the price tag, only the really rich need applies. In fact, this could be out of reach for many people who consider themselves rich (you know who we’re talking about).

For those wealthy gearheads out there, this might just be the ticket as there’s really nothing quite like it and that’s arguably one of its most appealing features.

9 Supercar on stilts

One thing you get with the Urus is a very focused vehicle, unlike other high performance SUVs out there, some with even more power, there are no compromises.

This is still primarily a supercar, with a blistering 0-60mph time of just over 3 seconds it will blow most supercar pretenders away without much fuss.

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8 Practical fun

It’s a supercar by nature, but it also has a practical side. Unlike pretty much every other Lambo ever made (aside from the off-road-focused LM002), it has its engine up front.

That means there’s room for 4 or 5 seats (depending on the seats you choose) and plenty of room in the back for luggage for all occupants. Roof racks are optional…

7 Twin Turbo V8

That engine that sits under the actual hood is an Audi product, but it still has incredible power. This particular V8 serves in the Porsche Cayenne, Bentley and other Audi models.

For the Lambo, it makes a solid 641 hp and also makes an incredible sound no matter what speed you drive. Unfortunately, he also runs out of fuel in no time at all with a combined fuel economy of 14 MPG.

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6 Offroad mode

Interestingly, this is available as an optional extra, sort of their way of saying “if you really have to”.

This is not an off-road vehicle. However, the four-wheel drive does well in wet or even snowy conditions, so you don’t have to stop the fun when the weather threatens to change.

5 Trackable SUV

Other super SUVs also have massive power, but none of them can do what it does on the track. It’s the one and only top hunting SUV you can buy.

Nothing in this class is that fast. Even the other SUVs that share the platform can’t keep up as they all reach their limits in the corners.

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4 Italian

No matter how much German engineering is infused, it’s undeniably Italian and feels just like a Lamborghini.

Granted, the build quality isn’t quite as high as you’d imagine from the average $250,000 SUV, but it makes up for that in real-world feel and performance.

3 Unique experience

You certainly can’t replicate this with anything else currently on the market. A few years ago Audi made a V12 diesel (above) with insane torque, the Urus is as close to that level of madness you can get today.

Instead of an earth-moving torque, you get track day speed. It makes for an unusually firm ride in an SUV, but that’s the price to pay for this level of performance.

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2 Comfortable Lambo

In no way, shape or form is this really comfortable. However, it is quite comfortable and roomy for a Lambo.

The ride is firm and you’ll feel any imperfections in the road, but if you’re comparing apples to apples, this is as comfortable as it gets.

1 More than a toy

If you have the money and a Lamborghini is on your bucket list, we think it’s the best you can buy today.

Classic Lambos are all unreliable and ridiculously expensive, this will at least be somewhat reliable, more affordable than the Aventador and actually quite practical… for a Lambo!