10 reasons why the new BMW 7 Series is currently the best luxury car on the market

BMW i7 Driving in the hills front

The new BMW The 7 series expands on the previous model with a sleek, modern design. While the outside of the new 7 Series underwent a massive upgradethe interior is where BMW managed to create something truly exceptional.

The new 7 Series comes with two huge digital displays for both the driver and front passenger. In addition, the 7 Series also includes a huge screen for the rear passengers that they can operate with built-in touchscreen controls mounted on the doors. This emphasizes the futuristic character of the 7 Series.

Want to know more about the new BMW 7 Series? You are in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about the 7 Series, including why it’s the best luxury car on the market.

10/10 Modern exterior design


The BMW 7 Series has always been at the forefront of the automotive industry. Similar to Mercedes-Benz’s S-Class and Audi’s A8, the 7 Series incorporated the latest technology BMW had to offer.

BMW i7, front, desert
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The new BMW 7 Series extends that lead, but integrates everything in a modern, futuristic design. The front of the 7 Series is refined, with slim LED headlights increasing the characteristic renal lattices. This helps showcase the car’s modern aesthetic and also translates to the taillights.

9/10 Striking LED lighting

bmw i7 xdriv
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The BMW 7 Series comes with modern LED lighting. These LED lights are made of hundreds of components that allow you to operate them with extreme precision. This means you can block parts of the headlight when driving at night.

BMW 2023-i7 Overview
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The modern 7 Series headlights include a number of useful safety features. This includes adaptive bright lights that come on exactly when you need them. While this helps you save time, it can detect when it’s needed. This way you will never forget to put on your brights again.

8/10 Efficient, advanced powertrain

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The BMW 7 Series comes with three unique powertrain options. The biggest headline when it comes to powertrain options is the all-electric i7 model. This model comes with a modern electric motor that will undoubtedly be the future of the 7 Series.

Charging BMW i7

However, there are two other powertrain options for you to choose from. This includes the BMW 760i and the BMW xDrive760i. The standard 760i includes a 3-liter 6-cylinder engine, while the xDrive760i upgrades to a 4.4-liter V8. This adds more power to the overall package, making it perfect for those who like to get behind the wheel from time to time.

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7/10 The BMW Control Center

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When you get into the new 7 Series, the first thing you notice is the enormous BMW Control Center. This immersive curved display extends from the driver to the center console and features two huge digital displays. This makes the entire driver’s cockpit look and feel modern.

2023 bmw i7 interior screen cream
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The driver can enjoy a 12.3-inch display for all controls while driving, while the center console gets a massive upgrade with a 14.9-inch display. Both screens are connected to the same infotainment system, allowing you to view essential information seamlessly without having to look at the other screen.

6/10 The latest infotainment system

2023 bmw i7 side view black press photo
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As mentioned above, the latest 7 Series comes with the latest version of BMW’s iDrive infotainment system. This infotainment system pairs perfectly with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, making it a dream to get into every morning.

back seat of 2023 bmw i7 cabin executive
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The BMW 7 Series also includes wireless app connectivity, meaning you don’t have to physically connect your phone to the car to access CarPlay. In addition, the 7 Series includes a wireless charging mat under the center console, so you can still charge your phone while driving.

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5/10 Innovative driver modes

BMW 760i xdrive from 2023

The BMW 7 Series is an incredibly luxurious sedan that comes with innovative driving modes for every occasion. While the 7 Series is built for elegance, the xDrive760i comes with a powerful V8 engine that you might enjoy taking for a ride yourself.

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That is why BMW has included both a BMW Individual and a Sports+ driving mode in the 7 Series. The BMW Individual driving mode allows you to personalize the vehicle configuration. This means you can choose how stiff you want the suspension and even change the throttle response. However, the Sports+ mode is more than enough power for short bursts of performance driving.

4/10 Panoramic sky roof

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The elegance of the BMW 7 Series begins with the headlights, but also encompasses the interior language of the car. The interior of the 7 Series is lined with plush, soft-touch materials to make the entire environment a height of luxury.

bmw-7 series-760i-rear wheel drive-1
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The finish on the rear of the BMW 7 Series makes it abundantly clear that the brand has a strong bond with Rolls-Royce. The glass panoramic skylight elevates the entire design of the sedan, making it look refined and elegant as soon as you step inside. The roof lights up and adds texture to the glass panel.

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3/10 Attention to detail

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The attention to detail is hard to describe in the BMW 7 Series. While BMW has always maintained an incredibly high standard when it comes to building its premium cars, the 7 Series takes it to a whole new level.

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BMW used the best materials throughout the cabin and even offers a wide range of options if you want to make the car your own. This level of customization makes the car feel more unique to each owner. In this way, the 7 Series makes a compelling case against that of Mercedes-Benz’s S-Class.

2/10 Perfect for long journeys

BMW theater screen
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The BMW 7 Series is by no means a grand tourer, but you won’t notice a long drive if you’re in the back. While the sedan is poised to be an executive sedan meant to drive the CEOs of the world, it could also become an incredibly practical long-distance car.

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This even applies to the electric model, as it has a decent amount of range on a single charge. However, the main selling point to keep in mind is the luxury and practicality of the rear seats. The huge screen makes working from the back a breeze and makes an hour-long commute as convenient as being in the office.

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1/10 BMW Individual

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As mentioned above, the BMW 7 Series comes with a numerous customization options. While the BMW Individual package does cost a little more, but is worth every penny. These options vary from the color of the car to the color of the interior stitching.

2023 BMW 7 Series Quarter View
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In addition, there are a few other packages that you can add to your BMW 7 Series. The huge 31-inch screen on the back is one of the most eye-catching options, but there are also subtle technology packs to choose from. There is also the option to include a Bowers & Wilkins 4D surround sound system.