10 used cars for £1k we found this week

10 used cars for £1k we found this week

So far, as you’d probably expect, we’ve focused on the best of the small hatchbacks of yesteryear. Since it is generally democratically priced from new, arguably practical and decidedly popular, there is a lot to choose from and few bad options to choose from.

But we can certainly be a little braver than that.

To give them their due, the MG F and later TF were also democratically priced from new and really popular. As the MX-5 (given a breather from this list given the amount of heavy lifting it usually does) proves so prowess, there’s a market for a small, fun, well-done roadster.

So yes, we’re talking about a machine that’s the product of a deep dive into the Rover parts bin, built on a shoestring budget, but also a good, mid-engine, rear-drive roadster with double-wishbone suspension front and rear. And if you make the right choice, you also get a 1.8-litre DOHC four-cylinder with variable valve timing and a red line that is well above 7,000 rpm. Fortune prefers the bold, doesn’t it?

Here’s one we found earlier…