10-Year-Old Hellertown Boy Starts Car Care Video Series | Good news

10-Year-Old Hellertown Boy Starts Car Care Video Series |  Good news

Do you have a flat tire? Need an oil change? A 10-year-old from the Lehigh Valley can help you with that.

Guiseppe Iatarola is a gearhead and he can’t even drive a car yet.

However, he can fix it and he can also teach you how to take care of your car.

He has been posting how-to videos on YouTube and social media since he was 7.

“Guiseppe’s Garage” is actually his parents’ Hellertown crash repair shop, Lucky’s Auto Body Shop. This is where Guiseppe spends all his time, when he is not doing schoolwork.

He will be a sixth-grader at the Reach Cyber ​​Charter School, and he has been interested in cars since he got a pedal car when he was 2.

He has always loved working on cars, and he spends a lot of time in the shop with his father working on them.

As he got older and started surfing YouTube, the only content he could find online that was appropriate for his age group was toy reviews. He wasn’t really interested in that, and he couldn’t find any car-related videos for kids, so he decided to make his own.

Thus Guiseppe’s Garage was born, and now he is on a mission to shape the next generation of gearboxes.

“I like to post gasifiers. People love 1950s cars, cutting sheet metal, fabricating, people love that sort of thing. Welding…torch welding,” he said.

He also filmed three videos for Popular Mechanics.

Be first youtube series, his father does the shooting and his mother does the editing. Guiseppe takes care of the content. There is no script, he just explains what he is working on.

You can also follow him on social media.

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