15-year-old drives a Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae and a Huracan STO

Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae White driving

Ferruccio LamborghinicHistory’s history is a good example of knowing exactly when it’s time to hold and when to fold. He was knowledgeable and his mechanical, good mentality is an inspiration to many gearheads these days. The story goes that he didn’t like Ferrari cars or their after-service, and Il Commendatore, Enzo Ferrari himself, even dismissed Ferruccio Lamborghini’s complaints as worthless.

Since patience was one of his many virtues, Ferruccio built his own car that was arguably better than the Ferrari. Ferruccio’s patience and willpower may have found its match in Triple F Collection YouTube Channels latest video featuring a young but real gearhead named Zack.

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The Spirit of Lamborghinic

Jordan, our host, starts the video by telling us that this is a special day. Jason’s son Zack has earned his apprentice license and is now ready to test drive the two family-owned Lamborghinis. Jordan has a white Aventador Ultimae, while Jason has a red Huracan STO. When chosen, Zack automatically jumps to the V12 Ultimae. Jordan has no problem letting the young man drive his car and gives him some good advice. First of all, “don’t listen to your dad, he doesn’t know how to drive a Lamborghini properly”, to which Zack responds perfectly with “yes, which one is the throttle left or right?” whereupon his father shifts visibly and uncomfortably in his chair.

As soon as Jordan closes the door, Jason tries to warn his son that this is more powerful than he’s ever experienced, so take it easy, where Zach smiles…daddy” smile.

The child knows what the child wants

Zack certainly has tons of experience and knowledge when it comes to describing cars. His wording to describe certain feelings is true to the automotive world. He uses phrases like “it feels so connected” and “I like the jerky automaton, it feels more aggressive.” He also says that “you have to be more flexible with your movements than with a regular car, but that’s obvious” given the car was put in sport and then in Corsa mode. Throughout the video he uses more words like raw, hard and mentality, and he even digs into the conversation a little bit about customizing his own car.

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The fifteen-year-old Lamborghini driver

At the end of the video, Zack gives his J vs J verdict (Jason’s car vs. Jordan’s car). The winner without hesitation between the two cars is the Aventador Ultimae over the Huracan STO. Whether you agree with Zack isn’t really relevant. The point is, Zack has now passed his “Ultimae” car initiation and is now part of the fraternity of us gearheads, and that’s something we can all smile about. We are sure Ferruccio is.