19 of the best car scenes from movies and TV

19 of the best car scenes from movies and TV

Get Elektra off that steering wheel!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for car scenes in movies and TV shows.

Something as simple as a car ride can often help people loosen up and speak more freely – research by Zipcar UK proves this!

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Apparently 76% of Brits have had deep, meaningful conversations in cars, while the other 24% say they would rather discuss a problem with someone in the car than elsewhere!

So whether it’s venting to a friend, talking to your girls, or having deep emotional heart-to-heart, here are my all-time favorite car scenes!


In Attitude when the girls were chilling in the car and gave us pure holiday feeling.


Who doesn’t love a girls trip? From the outfits to the music, Attitude captured that holiday mood we all long for in this scene. I loved every second of it, except Elektra at that wheel, because she nearly crashed and ruined the vacation before it even started!


In Love Jones when Nina was talking to her friend Lisa about her ~juicy~ night with Darius.

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This scene is one of my favorites from the movie because I feel like they’ve mastered how women talk to their friends. It was natural and unashamed, and the giggles of excitement and the vivid description of how everything went are far too accurate.


In The hate you give when Khalil and Starr were catching up.

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This movie took me on a rollercoaster of emotions, and this scene was no exception. We always think that we have to do and achieve what we want forever, but the sad reality is that it can be taken from us in a split second. I would have loved to see this friendship/relationship blossom, but at least it shows how important it is to live your best life every second and every moment.


In Brown sugar when Andre told Cavi why he was leaving Millennium.

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In this scene, everyone could empathize with Andre, no matter the circumstances. He had a passion for hip-hop, and he wanted everyone to see it through his work, but it got off-putting. What he remembered as hip-hop growing up slowly changed, and sometimes it’s hard for us as humans to realize that things are fading. It’s a light scene that doesn’t seem that deep, but it’s definitely a turning point for him.


In ATL when New New turned up the volume and started shaking at Aaliyah.

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If, like me, you are addicted to TikTok then you know that this clip has been doing the rounds and now I can’t get the voice of New New out of my head. Other than that, it’s one of my favorite romantic scenes because it was so natural, and you can’t go wrong with Aaliyah’s sweet voice in the background to make this scene *the chef’s kiss*.


In Poetic Justice when Justice and Lucky wanted to get to know each other better, but it ended in an argument.

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This scene went from zero to 100 really quickly, but if you think about it, it’s pretty accurate. Justice had no interest in getting to know Lucky, and after a while I can’t help but I can’t help but agree with her because was it necessary to call her a bitch just because she wasn’t talking ? Tupac’s acting was phenomenal here – he acted just like one of those entitled men, and I couldn’t help but love how cutthroat he was.


In White girls when all the girls started singing “A Thousand Miles” but Marcus and Kevin switched it to a rap song.

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There are many funny scenes in this movie, but this one in particular always makes me cry. Kevin and Marcus forgot they were posing as white girls and said the n word confidently – the looks on their faces were priceless!


In Rush hour when Carter Lee gave the overview of who the “boss” is.

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This scene captures two opposites coming together and somehow making it work regardless of their differences, and it’s hilarious!


In Love & Basketballwhen Quincy pulled Monica over her stance, but she fired back by emphasizing the double standards of men’s basketball and women’s basketball.

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Nobody hypes this scene, but I especially like it because it shows that they cared about each other’s future. Quincy spoke out about her attitude, but Monica responded by emphasizing how hard it is to be a female basketball player. So I guess they both learned a thing or two?


In Shut it down when Cleo bravely sacrificed her life for her friends.

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This scene will always have a place in my heart because it showed me what true friendship really is. It’s rare to come across a character who is a true ride-or-die friend, but Cleo was willing to do anything for her friends in the blink of an eye!


In He has game when Big Time Willie spat some facts at Jesus.

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Big Time Willie highlighted the obstacles a black man can face, showing just how versatile Roger Guenveur Smith is as an actor. It was refreshing to see him explain things so well; I was completely absorbed in what he said, it was super impressive!


When Alonzo explained the harsh reality of the game to Jake in Training day

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I especially love this scene because Denzel’s character Alonzo is very complex. The acting is phenomenal; Jake was clearly very frightened and confused by Alonzo’s actions, and Alonzo capitalized on that. He justified his actions by putting aside his manipulative streak and replacing it with sincerity and composure.


In sister, sister when Tia and Tamera drove to Mexico and sank their car in Lake Erie.

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Not only did they sink their car in the lake, but they got so excited they ended up in Mexico! You’d think they’d learn their lesson from previous capers, but then again, the twins proved they could be anything but responsible adults!


In ignorant when Murray taught Dionne to drive, but it ended in a freakout on the highway.

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I haven’t started my driving lessons yet, but somehow I think I would reflect Dionne’s reckless driving. I mean, did you see sister swerve to the other lane? No warning or anything


In Fully paid when Mitch opened up to Ace that his brother was kidnapped.

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I still get goosebumps every time I watch this scene, and knowing Mekhi wrote this scene makes it even more remarkable! In the original, he was supposed to have a brief encounter with Ace, but in an interview with Sway In The Morning, Mekhi shared how he show the ups and downs of Mitch’s short life

It turned out to be one of the film’s most impressive scenes, and one that showed us a different side of the flashy drug dealer. It has certainly shed light on the dangers of such a lifestyle.


When Jimmy, aka B-Rabbit, and his friends got scared after driving into a police car… 8 miles

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If you’re a fan of this movie like me, you know it’s a miracle to see Jimmy smile. When he was with his friends, you could see his character soften. This scene is just pure vibes that you really can’t fault it even if you wanted to, and the Biggie song was the icing on the cake!


In The karate kid when Dre found Mr. Han wrecking his car.

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Jackie Chan’s performance in this scene brought me to tears as his grumpy male facade was replaced by a broken man. Many of us have experienced the pain of losing someone close to us, and this moment serves as an important message. Though we’re knocked down, we have to choose whether to get back up or not, and it’s a turning point for both characters that ultimately propels them forward.


In baby boy when Yvette found condoms in the back of Jody’s car.

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Before Maddy and Nate, there were Yvette and Jody. They were the original toxic couple with the most complex relationship. This scene will always be memorable to me because of the disrespect Jody had for Yvette. He was the definition of a serial trickster who couldn’t admit his mistakes.


In Snowfall when Franklin Leon checked how his actions affected the company.

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The fact that this show didn’t win a single Emmy for writing or acting still doesn’t sit right with me! In this scene, instead of calling Leon on the spot, Franklin took their issues in the privacy of no prying eyes and treated him accordingly. It showed great leadership, and the fire and passion in this voice continues to give me the shivers!

What are some of your favorite car scenes? Let us know in the comments!