3 Best Practices for Addressing Customer Car Prices — Sean Gardner

3 Best Practices for Addressing Customer Car Prices — Sean Gardner

Many car dealers today charge too high market adjustment prices for the vehicles on their lots, but consumer interest and demand is still high. Today on Inside Automotive, we welcome Sean Gardner, instructor and sales trainer for the Joe Verde Groupthat shares with customers what retail auto professionals need to know about dealing with higher prices.

  1. Automotive retail professionals must learn to gently brush aside some of the first contests customers have 10 to 15 minutes into a sales presentation. When a customer asks about price early, all a salesperson needs to do is tell them the cost and lead the conversation back to your presentation. Try to find out how much space the customer needs and which features pique their interest. Carefully pushing aside early contests will eventually lead to a better, more personalized buying experience.
  2. Sometimes you can make the perfect presentation, but when it comes to negotiating the numbers, the customer can still object to the market price. What sellers should remember is to emphasize the positive market-adjusted valuation they are likely to receive on their trade-in.
  3. Have fun and sell cars. Smiling is the shortest distance between the greeting and the delivery.

Check out our interview with Seam Gardner above for more great sales strategies.

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