5 Best Off-Road Vehicle Mods For GTA 5 In 2022

These off-road vehicle mods will improve players' gaming experience (Image via Sportskeeda)

One of the most popular types of mods that GTA 5 players love to download is vehicle mods. Not only do they expand on the already huge variety of vehicles in GTA 5, but also provide players with virtual iterations of some of the most popular real-life vehicles to own and control in the game.

Off-road vehicle mods are always in high demand, mainly because they are a lot of fun to drive and allow players to explore terrains that are difficult to traverse. Unfortunately, due to this high demand, many players may find it challenging to choose which offroad vehicle mod is best for them.

To solve this problem, this article will recommend that players five of the best off-road vehicle mods that they can download for GTA 5.

Top 5 Off-Road Vehicle Mods Players Should Install in GTA 5

5) M1161 Growler ITV (armed)

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This mod adds the M1161 Growler to GTA 5, which is also armed with an M2 Browning Machine Gun, making it quite a deadly vehicle against enemies.

Two people can sit in the car, while a third can operate the machine gun. The steering wheel moves in accordance with the players’ hands, the lights are operational and the window coverings can be lifted to reveal the car’s hood. All this helps to create a realistic driving experience.

4) AAV-7A1 Amtrac Amphibious Assault Vehicle

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This mod adds a USMC AAV in GTA 5. In real life, these vehicles are used to transport troops ashore. Players can drive this vehicle on both land and water. It has a modified seating configuration and can accommodate 10 people (if players walk to the left, drive forward a bit).

It is also equipped with a machine gun and a grenade launcher. The upper passenger doors, rear door and tower hatches can all be opened. The front breakwater can be activated, as well as the lights.

3) M1114 Humvee (armored)

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This mod adds an armored military Humvee in GTA 5. It comes with an amazingly realistic texture, making it an eerie replica of this vehicle’s real-life counterpart. It also has detailed suspension nets, 3D wheels and rims.

The antenna and mud flaps will also move according to the momentum of the vehicle. The driver’s position is adjusted so that the hands are clearly visible on the handlebars for absolute immersion. In addition, it has good road holding in combination with bulletproof tires and glass. It can also withstand one explosion.

2) MRAP Cougar 4×4

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The Cougar 4×4 MRAP, a real vehicle in the service of the US Marine Corps, was added to the game through this mod. The vehicle has a CROWS II gun turret for players to use. The roof hatch and all doors can be opened, and players also have access to working dials and working lights.

Contains all LOD levels (L0-L4). The antenna wobbles based on the movement of the car. Not only this, in any GTA 5 trainer the bags/gear can be turned on or off using the auto component option.

1) KMW ATF Dingo Bundeswehr

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This mod introduces a German MRAP into the game, which is mostly used by the German armed forces serving in real life. The modified vehicle has a typical 3-tone camouflage paint job and a remote-controlled MG3 mounted on the roof.

Six players fit in the car itself (including the driver). Players can also open each door, roof hatch, and hood. All lights are functional, the mirror reflects the environment in real time and the dashboard functions properly. Glass is impenetrable to bullets and the car is explosion proof to some extent.

Remark: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer only.

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