5 Best Upcoming GTA Online Summer DLC Podium & Prize Rides

Rockstar Games will soon introduce new Podium and Prize Ride vehicles (Images via Sportskeeda)

As many players are enjoying the latest Criminal Enterprises update for GTA Online, Rockstar Games has already released a new patch note revealing the names of the upcoming Podium and Prize vehicles.

Since the release of this update, Rockstar Games has been quite active in releasing new content for GTA Online players, even reporting that more cars will be introduced in the coming months. The latest patch notes clearly show the community that they have already started this process of bringing more content to the game.

Here are five of the best upcoming podium and prize vehicles that players should keep an eye out for in GTA Online.

Note: This article reflects the subjective opinion of the writer.

Five of the best upcoming Podium and Prize vehicles GTA Online players need to know

5) Wanderer (prize ride)

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The Vagrant is a versatile buggy that players can use a lot during off-road travel. The vehicle itself is based on the real Ariel Nomad.

The design of the vehicle is similar to that of the Dune Buggy, but due to its size and a body largely covered by a thick metal frame, players can expect more protection.

It is a very good vehicle for its class, especially if players appreciate excellent acceleration and top speed. Furthermore, it has good road holding and does not spin easily. Braking is also effective and players will have no trouble mastering it when riding on uneven surfaces.

4) Tempesta (podium ride)

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Tempesta is a pretty sweet looking supercar that seats two. The car is mainly based on the Lamborghini Huracan, but also has many aspects that have been taken from other Lamborghini cars as well.

The Tempesta is an all-rounder that novice drivers in the game will especially love because it feels very easy and accessible to drive. It features astonishing acceleration and captivating top speed that will surely make it the favorite car of many players in the game.

It also has a hefty and powerful engine sound that is sure to grab the attention of other racers in GTA Online.

3) Osiris (prize ride)

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Osiris is a supercar in GTA Online that looks like a combination of the Pagani Huayra and the Ferrari LaFerrari. This unique combination gives it a smooth aesthetic that many players will find very appealing.

The design is extremely aerodynamic and further complements the top speed and acceleration. It also has great handling and players can take sharp turns with relative ease.

But the most interesting thing about this car is that it also has great off-road performance, and strangely enough can be used as an alternative to the Dune Buggy if players want to drive on dirt roads in style.

2) Flash GT (prize ride)

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The Flash GT is a rally car with a different look and based heavily on the Ford Fiesta RS WRC. This is the perfect car for GTA Online racers who enjoy competing in rallies. The design provides players with a huge body and a large mesh grille specially designed to conquer dirt roads.

It has top-notch acceleration and players can expect an insane amount of grip from this vehicle as well. It will not get out of hand quickly, which makes it very reliable.

Finally, the majority of players will agree that while this car does not have a nice design, it is very satisfying to drive.

1) Paragon R (Podium Ride)

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This is one of the most attractive cars in the game as it is based on the fantastic 2018 Bentley Continental GT. Even if players don’t see anything fancy about the design, this vehicle’s distinctive headlights are sure to grab their attention.

In addition, it is also one of the best performing cars in the sports class, offering players flexible handling and an amazing top speed.

This article reflects the personal opinion of the author.

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