5 cars with the best sunroof

5 cars with the best sunroof

Cars with sunroofs get an edge over regular cars because the cabin gets more sunlight and the panoramic sunroof and moonroof make the house look bigger and better. This makes the interior more fun. With the feel of a convertible, one can enjoy the sunroof in his essential four-door or five-door car.

A sunroof is a standard vertical panel on the roof that is opaque to let in sunlight and air. It can be opened manually or electrically (more common). It is smaller than a panoramic sunroof. A moonroof is also like a sunroof, but it cannot be opened to let yourself out or to let the air in. It can only be used as a sliding window for the light.

On the other hand, a panoramic sunroof is a colossal sunroof that covers almost the entire roof. It comes with multiple panels. The front panel can be opened and the rear panel remains unopened like a moonroof.

In this article, we take a look at some cars with the best sunroof.

Hyundai Sonata

CC: Hyundai

Sonata is one of Hyundai’s classic cars. It was voted the best mid-size car by US News in 2016. It is a four-door sedan with a front-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. This sedan comes with multiple options for gas engines and hybrid options. Sonata offers a huge panoramic sunroof as an option in the higher finishes. Sonata’s base trim is priced at $22,000, but this model doesn’t have a sunroof. For the feature of a panoramic sunroof in Sonata, you have to pay an additional $3,100. With this extra cost, you also get some extra features and better specs.

Honda Civic

CC: Honda

Hondas Civic comes in Sedan and Hatchback body styles. The Civic has a cool moonroof over the entire roof in both body styles. This moonroof makes the whole cabin spacious and airy. This moonroof is about 20 inches tall. Besides a huge moonroof, this sedan has a lot to offer. It is one of the most fuel efficient cars and has some stylish looks and premium interiors. With all the great setup, this car is available for $20,850 for the base trim.

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Honda Fit

CC: Honda

This small cabin hatchback comes with a colossal moonroof, and it makes the cabin look and interior look much bigger. With the power moonroof, this car is the cheapest with one of the best roofs. It comes with a price tag of $17,800 for the basic trim. The moonroof is standard in Honda Fit. In addition to the moonroof, Fit has more high-tech features such as: HondaLink Next Generation Smartphone Integration, Push Button Start, etc.

Kia Soul

CC: Kia

Kia’s boxy, fun, compact SUV is a good drive. This SUV has an optional panoramic sunroof, which makes it even more exciting. This panoramic sunroof provides plenty of light in the cabin. Soul gets this sunroof in the Primo package, which costs an additional $2,800. This package includes heated front and rear seats, heated steering and stitched interiors.

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Hyundai Tucson

CC: Hyundai

Tucson is one of the best SUVs in Hyundai. It comes with fantastic cabin comfort and spacious interiors. A panoramic sunroof is optional in this SUV. It comes with a limited top level finish. In addition to the sunroof, you also get other notable features in the top edge, such as lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking and rear parking sensors.