5 Photo Management Strategies Car Dealers Should Keep in Mind

5 Photo Management Strategies Car Dealers Should Keep in Mind

Welcome to this week’s episode of Weekly used carsthe original CBT News show dedicated to bringing dealer best practices and tips for the used car division, in-depth dealer interviews, practical dealer strategies and supplier analysis. Recently, host Jasen Rice, founder of lotpop, came across an online ad for a pickup truck from a Kansas City dealer that had photos of the truck with snow still on the ground. The photos were a dead surprise that the vehicle had been on the lot for months. Today, Rice discusses essential photo management strategies for your car dealer’s inventory, including:

  1. Make sure your inventory photos represent the current season.
  2. Note the temperature gauge on the dashboard.
  3. Vehicles must be clean and well staged for photos.
  4. Be strategic with photo angles, especially for temporary photos.
  5. Refresh the photos for outdated vehicles.

As consumers plan and research their next purchase with rising interest rates, gas prices and inflation in mind, photo management should be a top priority.

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