5 reasons why Forza Horizon 5 is one of the best racing games (5 things The Crew 2 does better)

Forza Horizon 5 vs The Crew 2 Comparison

We all have that one dream car we want to drive. But in most cases, that dream car is too expensive or rare to get hold of. But that’s life. In the world of gaming, however, it’s different. Racing games come in different shapes and sizes, but ultimately they allow us to virtually drive some of the best cars and race fast cars at exciting speeds. Simulation or other niche games allow us to drive the most beautiful vehicles without leaving our room. Of course some racing games perform better than othersand if we can only buy a few games, we prefer the best out there.

In that case, the Forza Horizon series is one of the best simulation arcade games that offers a great racing experience. The latest in the series is Forza Horizon 5 which came out at the end of 2020. It has an extensive collection of cars with realistic yet accessible driving dynamics and a beautiful Mexican background. It is undoubtedly a great experience, but it does not have a monopoly on the market. There are other options available that outperform the latest Horizon in certain areas.

The Crew 2 comes to mind when we think of such dark horses in the race (pun intended). Let’s take a closer look at what makes Forza Horizon 5 one of the best in the business and what makes The Crew 2 better.

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10 Forza Horizon 5 has some of the best graphics

The game hit stores at the end of 2020, so it must have decent graphics. But the improvement over the previous installment in the series really surprised us. The road, mountain and building textures look very good.

The attention to detail on the cars themselves is so good that it can rival some of the best on the market such as Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Gran Turismo and Dirt. The developers of this game also make the Forza Motorsport series, so that helps too!

9 The Crew 2 runs on lower specification systems

Console gamers don’t have to worry about whether their system is powerful enough to run a game in their console’s catalog. However, it’s not the same case for PC gamers. Price and personal interest aside, checking whether their game rigs can play a particular game or not is one of the first things they look for, especially if it’s a new/upcoming game.

While Forza Horizon runs smoothly on 5-year cards, you can run The Crew 2 on most systems as the minimum GPU requirement is the NVIDIA GTX 660 or the AMD equivalent. The GTX 660 was released in the third quarter of 2012, which was about ten years ago at the time of this article’s publication.

8 Forza Horizon 5’s Mexico looks sublime

Previous entries from the Forza Horizon games have taken us to beautiful places like Australia, parts of Mediterranean Europe and Great Britain. But the latest entry takes place in Mexico and looks the best and most vibrant of them all. Mind you, these are fictional locations and are only inspired by their real-life counterparts. But we have to give kudos to the people who made a gaming environment so lush and vibrant.

And there is variety too! You can drive around beaches, high-altitude highways, densely populated cities, open countryside, mountains, deserts, and even a volcano. The added weather effects like rain, snow, thunder and a desert sandstorm are just the icing on the cake. Did we also mention the different weather conditions that last a week in the game?

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7 The Crew 2 map is bigger

The Crew 2 map size is approximately 5,000-7,000 sq km and has over 10,000 miles of motorable roads. That’s huge compared to Forza 5’s 107 square miles. These are rough estimates, but even with a few numbers up or down, the difference is huge. That’s because The Crew 2 gives you the entire US to roam around. A one-on-one recreation of the US would be too ambitious, so we get a shorter, “greatest hits” version of the country.

You can visit most major cities such as LA, Seattle, San Francisco, NY, Dallas, Miami and Las Vegas. They may not look the same, but the developers nailed the sense of variety and the feel and vibe of each city. You can also visit famous places such as Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, the White House, the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls.

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6 Forza Horizon 5 has a huge amount of cars

We all have different choices of favorite cars or dream cars. But we believe whatever that car is, it’s probably in the game. Everything from a 1932 Ford De Luxe to the incredibly fast Koenigsegg Jesko, you name it, the game probably has it. When it launched, the base game had over 500 cars on its roster.

The developers have already increased that number by a few through DLCs and expansion packs. And the best part is that it will probably increase even more in the coming years.

5 The Crew 2 has a wider variety of vehicles

What if you crave something other than just cars? The Crew 2 has fewer cars than Forza, but makes up for it in other categories. The most common car types in the games are sports cars, supercars, hypercars, drift cars, tow trucks, off-roaders, buggies and rally cars. But in The Crew 2, the motorcycles take up a big chunk of the roster across various categories such as sports bikes, superbikes, cruisers, choppers, and motocross bikes.

That’s not all. The game allows you to control monster trucks, different types of boats, hovercrafts, Formula 1 cars, stunt planes, racing planes and even an unlockable helicopter.

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4 Forza Horizon 5 Has Better Gameplay Mechanics

None of the 2 games here are simulation racers. For that there are wonderful games like Forza Motorsport, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Automobilista and the Dirt series. But the Forza Horizon games successfully bridge the gap between serious simulation and old-school arcade-style gameplay to appeal to more people.

Frankly, it successfully falls in the middle that uses the best of both worlds and offers people more than just an arcade or a simulation game. Simply put, Ubisoft and Ivory Tower’s attempts at car handling and physics will feel a little less immersive than Forza Horizon 5.

3 The Crew 2 has more accessible controls

For every serious and hardcore gamer, we have people who just want to have some fun and chill for a while. In that case, dealing with unwanted power slides or spin-outs can ruin the experience.

Cars in The Crew 2 are a lot easier to handle and maneuver, and there are plenty of settings to challenge yourself or just sit back and have some casual fun. Exploring famous places in America is a great pastime in the game.

2 Forza Horizon 5 offers highly detailed customization and tuning

This is a category where the latest Horizon is miles ahead of Ubisoft’s racer. You can add a bigger turbo and more sticky tires in most games, but only the serious ones let you customize your car, from engine changes down to the tiniest detail. You can adjust things like suspension rebound strength, wheel alignment angle, front and rear downforce settings, camber angles, differential tuning or individual gear ratio.

In comparison, the Crew 2 allows you to get achievement rewards that increase basic stats such as acceleration, top speed and cornering grip of your car. You can change things like ABS, front and rear tire grip, suspension rebound, brake balance, camber and sway bar through sliders, but it’s not as detailed as Forza’s offerings. However, it has good visual customization.

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1 The Crew 2 is a fantastic game for beginners

This is where the casual fun experience matters. Of course, Forza Horizon is very playable and enjoyable for someone just starting out as a car enthusiast or even just video games in general. But it’ll be much easier for them to get used to the way The Crew 2 works, without worrying about failing or messing up.

And if you play with friends and one of you wins the game, you all get a reward for that! It is a rare game that tries its best, breaks the mold and above all encourages you to have fun with friends.