5 signs you need to upgrade the family car

5 signs you need to upgrade the family car

When it comes to things people can’t live without, in addition to toilet paper and water, a reliable family car should be at the top of the list. It takes you everywhere you need to go, protects you from bad weather and is the catalyst for creating your fondest memories.

But what happens when our trusty four-wheeler needs to be replaced – what should we pay attention to? We asked auto expert Maria McCarthy to reveal some signs that your family vehicle may need an upgrade, as well as to hear from our Good housekeeping editors about when they knew it was the right time to make the switch.

When you want to guarantee your safety

            “Driving a car can be scary at times,” Maria admits. “But investing in a safer car can protect you and your family. Vehicle safety technology has evolved significantly and systems like Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) can help you avoid accidents, while multiple airbags and crumple zones that cushion the impact of a collision are there to protect you if the worst happens.”

            Helpfully, Maria suggests turning to Euro NCAPwhich has created a five-star system to help motorists research safety features and decide which car is right for them.

            When you want something cost-effective

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                  Maria knows all too well the stress that comes with skyrocketing fuel prices, and she understands that every family wants to drive as economically as possible. “Maybe you could downsize or look at switching from fossil fuels to a hybrid or electric vehicle,” she suggests.

                  She recommends using a trusted used car seller Your red car to find a vehicle that can save you precious pennies and keep your family driving for many years to come, the website is easy to navigate meaning less stress for busy families.

                  The process is simple: all you need to do is register, browse thousands of cars from over 2500 sellers, contact the seller via the ‘I’m interested’ button and make the purchase. Once you do that, you’ll also be eligible for a £75 eGift card reward. And with all dealers approved and credit verified by Santander, you can feel safe with your purchase.

                  Another useful tool is this travel cost calculator from Zap card† It’s also a great way to keep an eye on your budget, it allows you to enter different car makes and models along with current fuel and energy prices, and estimate how much money you could save per mile by to switch to a more environmentally friendly vehicle,” says Maria.

                  When you’ve broken too many times

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                      Good housekeeping Deputy Editor Emma Justice reveals that her family knew it was time their beloved Bluey just couldn’t keep up. ‘My parents had a classic light blue Volkswagen camper. They loved it because they bought it to ride hippie trails when they first met in the 1970s. Unfortunately, that meant that it was barely roadworthy in the mid-eighties. But despite the regular breakdowns—never right in the middle of a French highway—we loved Bluey, and I remember shedding a tear when my dad said she should finally be scrapped. Getting dropped off in the more reliable Volvo that replaced her was never the same.’

                      When your child passes his test

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                        Commissioning Editor Eleanor Jones fondly remembers her family car: ‘My father’s old blue Ford Focus took us everywhere for much of our childhood – we were a one-car household, so it traveled everywhere, from the big store in Asda to holidays in France and never let us down. When my sister learned to drive at seventeen, just around the time my father was considering an upgrade, he gave it to her and it took another seven years, which must be some kind of record.”

                        When you deserve a treat

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                          “Getting behind the wheel of a car you really love every day can make such a difference to your quality of life, so if your budget allows it, why not go for it?” says Mary. “You could treat yourself to a Mini or Range Rover, cruise along in a convertible, or pick a cute color like pink or orange. Using a service such as: Your red car allows you to browse thousands of cars until you find your perfect car match and be rewarded with a gift card at the end.’

                          Know more about Your red carthe perfect place to find the car that suits you

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