6 Best Short USB-C Cables for Android Auto

6 Best Short USB-C Cables for Android Auto

Android Auto simplifies several things, such as checking Google Maps, playing songs or answering a call, right from the screen of your car’s infotainment system. All you have to do is plug in your phone. However, dealing with a long 6-foot USB-C cable can be cumbersome and difficult. If you’re not too careful, you can get a serious cable tangle on your car. And that’s dangerously distracting. Therefore, short USB-C cables for Android Auto can help you solve this problem.

6 Best Short USB-C Cables for Android Auto

These short USB-C cables are versatile and you can easily swap them out if needed to charge your phone from a power bank.

So if you are planning to buy a new USB-C cable to connect your Android smartphone to your car’s infotainment system, here are the best short USB-C cables for Android Auto.

Let’s check them out, shall we? But for that,

1. Kuxiyan Short USB-C Cable

The Kuxiyan USB-C cable is one of the inexpensive options on this list. It measures only 0.5 ft (6-inches) and should be a good choice for you if your car’s USB port is next to the phone holder. It is a braided cable that increases long term durability as it prevents fraying at the ends.

Affordable prices make these USB-C cables popular on Amazon. So far, they have earned over 2,000 reviews on Amazon, with a majority of positive reviews.

However, the extremely short length will be limiting if you need to bring your phone with you to check for messages and notifications. In that case you will need to disconnect the cable then check your phone.

That said, these USB-C cables are a good choice for the price, especially if you’re looking for something short-term.

2. CyvenSmart Store Short USB-C Cable

The highlight of the CyvenSmart Store USB-C cable is its build quality, making it perfect for extended use. The build quality of this USB-C cable is the reason for its popularity. Interestingly, the rubbery exterior plays a part in increasing grip and durability. In addition, Android Auto works as expected over these cables.

CyvenSmart cables are available in 1 ft and go up to 10 ft. If you ask us, 1 ft is the perfect middle ground as you can check your phone (especially after parking the car) without taking the phone out of the gate. In addition, there is less chance of entanglement.

Note that this USB-C cable is a bit thick compared to others, thanks to the rubberized exterior. CyvenSmart cables are flexible and this reduces pressure points on the joints. Interestingly, the company also claims that the cables undergo rigorous bending testing.

CyvenSmart’s responsive customer service is known for quickly answering all questions related to replacements and charging speed – at least that’s what most users experience. In addition, CyvenSmart cables have received rave reviews from users for their material quality, sturdiness and solid construction.

3. JXMOX Braided Charging Cord

Another short USB-C cable is the one from JXMOX. This braided cable is a bit long compared to its ilk. It is flexible and easy to maneuver. More importantly, you get your hands on 3 cables for almost the same price range.

The versatility of these cables makes it easy to use them to charge your phones via power banks or charging stations. It is a well made cable and can withstand some light rough handling. The connectors stay in place well, which is a huge plus, especially considering the price per cable.

The best part is that it delivers consistent performance when connected to Android Auto. Apart from that, users love it for its sturdy construction and the quality of the material used.

4. HOTNOW USB-C Nylon Cable

If you’re looking for USB-C cables with textured strain relief, the HOTNOW USB-C cables won’t go amiss. The long and textured strain relief makes it easy to disconnect the cable. As you may have guessed, the 1ft length gives you plenty of room to maneuver in the tight spaces of your car. Furthermore, these cables are available in several shades. So if you think a bright red cable justifies the red interior of your car, you know what to do.

Like some of its counterparts on this list, it has nylon sheathing, which adds to its durability. It can seamlessly transfer data between your phone and the (compatible) car infotainment system for Android Auto.

That said, these are USB 2.0 cables and will charge smartphones at decent, but not fast, speeds when connected to a compatible charger. The cables are available in three different colors. This makes it easy for you, of course, as you can color code them.

5. aceyoon USB-C cable

The aceyoon USB-C cable is the perfect choice when space in your car is a bit tight. Due to the right-angled connector, no extra space is required. At the same time, it removes the pressure points on the cable. The latter translates into less chance of fraying and breaking.

Other than that, it’s a short 7.2in (0.6ft) cable with a nylon exterior. The aluminum ends do double duty to reduce the risk of rust and increase durability.

While it can transfer data and power, the USB 2.0 rating means you get a faster-than-normal charging speed. It may not be as popular as the rest, but there are many users who vouch for its durability and sturdy nature.

Alternatively, you can check out the TecMad Short USB C Cable. It is also a right angle cable known for its durability.

6. Baseus Store USB-C Cable for Car

The Baseus USB-C cable brings the best of both worlds. While the overall short length means you can fit it well, the rolled-up length means you can use your smartphone when you need to. Speaking of numbers, the cable unwinds to 3 ft.

More importantly, it’s a well-made cable with textured strain relief on both ends and a buckle for easy use. Baseus is known for its sustainable products, and this is no different. Although Android Auto works well, some users have not had a pleasant experience with it.

Nevertheless, it is durable and sturdy and is great value for money. In addition to being used in the car, you can also use it on power banks and charging holders.

Cut the wire

A long cord can complicate things in the car, as the extra length can wrap around the gear lever or get tangled elsewhere. While short cables solve this problem, keep in mind that they also make using the phone a bit challenging. After all, Android Auto isn’t a replica of your phone, right?