A Scandi Flick is the trio’s best special since Mongolia

The Grand Tour A Scandi Flick

Ever since Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May moved to Amazon and created The Grand Tour, they’ve continued the tradition of epic specials like those on Top Gear. There have been sailors, where they took three epic boats across Asia. There were also two lockdown specials, keeping us entertained during the Covid-19 pandemic and when we got out. And of course, who can forget Mongolia where they built John?an epic off-roader.

That Mongolia special was arguably the best of them all, until, however, A Scandi Flick hit our screens. Launched recently, the special sees Hammond in a Subaru Impreza, May in a Mitsubishi Evo and Clarkson in an Audi RS4 as they take their rally cars through the Scandinavian landscape, including Sweden, Denmark and Finland. It’s an epic road trip, with beautiful scenery, lots of laughter and a heroic machine at its heart. This is arguably the best Grand Tour special yet, and certainly one of the most enjoyable to sit and watch.

The story of a Scandinavian film

If you don’t want the plot ruined, look away now! But we’ll give you a bit of an overview of the story. The trio start at the top of Norway, park their three cars on a soccer field and then set off. One of the first places they go is an old Cold War submarine base, where they play a top speed test. This is where the Evo May does its first major damage, and it’s the crash May had that we had all heard of. It’s a big one, but May manages to climb out herself with only broken ribs.

The Evo is repaired, Hammond and Clarkson modify their cars and the journey continues. The trio later built their own little sheds to live in and tow behind their cars, although they don’t last as long. Towards the end of the adventure, the Evo is submerged in an icy lake, but unbelievably, the car is brought back to life by May and the Grand Tour team and is back in action for the end of the adventure.

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What makes the special so much fun?

First of all, there are the cars. These three cars are among the most beautiful around, and everyone loves a special rally homologation. Admittedly, Clarkson’s RS4 is not a true Quattro. But its DNA goes right back to that first Quattro, and in the special it turns out to be a truly brilliant car. Fast everywhere and a hero to drag the Evo out of the water later. It’s actually a bit of a geek fest, as we know the three presenters love their rally cars and rally specials.

Then there is the scenery. Each country the trio visits offers snow-capped majesty, with hills, forests, quaint towns and more. It’s a sight to behold and we’re jealous of anyone who can enjoy this special in glorious 4K resolution. The adventure itself isn’t the most grueling for the three, but sometimes it’s nice to see them not get stuck in swamps or on really dangerous roads. Just three mates, in three very good cars, enjoying the scenery. If one of them isn’t crashing one of their cars after all.

A really enjoyable Scandinavian trip

What helps even more to make the trip so fun to watch is the trio themselves. The three mates offer plenty of laughs throughout the adventure, and it feels much more honest and heartfelt than other Grand Tour specials. Above all, this is simply very enjoyable and enjoyable to watch. Perfect for a quiet evening in, perfect for a bit of TV during lunch and just perfect for watching when you have time. It’s one of those classic specials that we could watch multiple times, like the Botswana and US specials from the glory days of Top Gear.

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A Scandi Flick is a must see

If you love the trio and haven’t seen it yet, you must go check it out! Only for the Evo itself, which really becomes the hero of the journey and the car we all love and come to love. The best thing about it is that it lasts almost two hours! In short, we have three great rally cars, beautiful scenery, lots of laughs and a truly epic adventure. This feels like a good old throwback to some of the classic Top Gear adventures, and with no doubt more trips from the trio on the way, we can’t wait for the next one.

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