Acura’s fastest production car ever, the 2022 NSX Type S is a deal too good to miss

The all red 2022 Acura NSX Type S speeds up on the track.

The second generation of the famous NSX is coming to an end, but Acura undoubtedly makes a great finish. The Acura NSX, known outside the US as Honda NSX, was introduced in 1989 and was marketed as the 1990 model. It was an innovative sports coupe with a high-end V6 engine and a beautiful body.

But the next generation attracted even more attention from car enthusiasts. The 2016 “New Sports eXperience” ride featured a hybrid electric powertrain, a twin-turbo V6 engine and three electric motors that together produce approximately 573 horsepower.

It was such a big market entry that the first production vehicle went up for about $1.2 million at the Barrett Jackson auction. NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick was the first to drive it, and the entire amount of the sale was donated to the charities.

The whole story of NSX popularity continues with the introduction of the Type S. The 2022 NSX Type S was heralded as the fastest and best performing model in the entire lineup, and the hype surrounding it reached huge levels.

Today we talk in more detail about this extraordinary car and reflect on its production, performance and style. We’ll also talk about why the 2022 NSX Type S is such a great deal.

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The 2022 NSX Type S debuts as the lineup’s fastest and most powerful electrified supercar

Introduced as Acura’s flagship vehicle, the 2022 NSX Type S is an admirable sports car with quick acceleration, tight corners and a satisfying driving experience. As mentioned, this ride is powered by a hybrid powertrain that surpasses the power of the previous NSX model. A twin-turbocharged V5 and three electric motors work together to deliver snappy performance while ensuring a quiet ride.

The quiet, smooth performance of the 2022 NSX Type S is one of its best features. Well, after the 600 horsepower part. With such output, the new Type S is the most powerful model in Acura history. It’s not number one on the competition list, but it has one advantage over many other sports cars in its class: the Type S is an excellent everyday ride.

One can really look forward to the discretion that the 2022 NSX Type S aims to offer. Acura has really gone out of its way to emphasize the agility, responsiveness and accuracy of the Type S. We have no doubt that the model will deliver on its promisesespecially since it aims to take on the competition that may not be so perfectly suited to everyday situations.

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Built by hand, the 2022 NSX Type S is an aggressive ride we all want in our garages

Falling in love with the 2022 NSX Type S is easy. Who would complain about the hybrid powertrain that delivers 600 horsepower and promises to blast you down the road? Then there’s that design.

The Type S is undoubtedly a beautiful ride. The aggressive front and rear with front lip and carbon fiber side skirts make this sports car intimidating on the road. In addition, every aspect of this car has been designed to enhance performance, so the sleek and unobtrusive bodywork also improves aerodynamics while attracting looks at the same time.

Getting to the exterior design, the 2022 NSX Type S is: available in different colors† Red, white and black are standard – all others require more money. We should note, however, that the Gotham Gray Matte, the Indy Yellow Pearl and the Nouvelle Blue Pearl are top picks that make the Type S even more exclusive than it already is.

When it comes to the interior, it’s not as perfect as the outside, but not bad either. In fact, it mostly depends on personal preference. Can you live with a little outdated interior styling? The Type S can’t compete with the German models, that’s for sure, but it’s still decent enough with interesting colors, comfortable seats and standard features.

Join the waiting list for the 2022 NSX Type S, but don’t keep your hopes up

Now to the bad news. The 2022 NSX Type S only comes in 350 units, with 300 models reserved for the US market. If you haven’t booked your model yet, you’re in big trouble.

After Acura unveiled the 2022 NSX type last month, the website got a small explosion of customers. It only took 24 hours for all 300 units to be reserved. Whoever secured the ride had to make a deposit to keep the spot, so the whole ordering is now a game of waiting.

The speed at which the 2022 NSX Type S was reserved just proves how much value potential customers see in this ride. So if you were wondering if the Type S is a good deal, we say – sure. But if you want it, you have to get on a waiting list (which is probably very long at the moment) and hope someone gives up.

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