Ardfert NS students enjoy rally fun while cars visit the schoolyard

Ardfert NS students enjoy rally fun while cars visit the schoolyard

It’s not every school day that you get not one, but two rally cars parking in the school yard outside your classrooms, but this is exactly what happened at Ardfert NS this past week when rally drivers Sean Hegarty and Ray Stack came to the school for the last time Tuesday afternoon for a visit.

director of Ardfert NS Betty Stack spoke with The Kerryman this week on a very different kind of school day for staff and students, saying it was a very educational day for all involved.

“It was the first time we ever had rally cars in the yard! Ze [the kids] were just so amazed to see the cars up close and personal. The excitement started even before the cars arrived, they could hear the sound and roar of the car engines as they came onto the road. But when they saw things like the steel cage bars in the car that would protect the drivers in a crash and all the safety equipment they had to wear, they were amazed,” she said.

“Ray and Seán showed them the helmets, all the multi-point head and neck safety harnesses and the cuffs, it was just an amazing sight. It was also an important demonstration as it showed that driving and driving rally cars in general “It just showed how dangerous it can be and the importance of safety features. It took away some of the glamor of speeding, I think,” Betty continued.

“Most of the kids were able to sit in and get behind the wheel and put on the helmet and be the co-driver and read the course notes to their driver. They asked Ray and Seán all these different questions about this and They were very involved and it was very interesting and I think very educational, not only for the kids, but also for ourselves,” she added.

The pair were at the school promoting the upcoming Banna Beach Resort Kerry Winter Rally, which will take place over the Bank Holiday weekend, Saturday, October 29 and Sunday, October 30.

“The occasion is that they tried to advertise that there will be a car rally that will take place over the weekend of October – October 30 – from the headquarters at Banna Beach Resort. [Sean and Ray] wanted to create awareness about the event and they’d love to see people come down and show their support,” Betty said.

“They’re inviting everyone down there” [to Banna Beach Resort] on Saturday evening, where about 140 rally cars will be all fully equipped, it should be a great day,” she concluded.