Atlanta police say the best way to avoid getting shot during auto theft is to walk away

Atlanta police say the best way to avoid getting shot during auto theft is to walk away

It may be an instinct for some who witness a break-in in their car to confront the individual, but an Atlanta police chief says this is definitely not the way to go. At a public meeting, this top cop gave candid advice on how to avoid getting shot in the city of Atlanta should you come across a burglar.

“My jeep was broken into, looted, there was valuables lying around. They were obviously looking for a weapon,” Councilman Michael Bond said in person at the town meeting about the time he was a victim of a crime.

“I’ve been a victim too. They didn’t get anything, but they damaged my door,” Atlanta police deputy chief Tim Peek told me.

When police chiefs visit Atlanta City Hall, they usually talk about auto crime. At Monday’s meeting, Peek had a clear candid message to citizens.

“The trends we’re seeing away from [auto thefts] is that if you challenge them often — nine times out of 10 — they’re armed and will shoot,” Peek said. “So we don’t want anyone challenging anyone.”

A woman told FOX 5 how she just survived when a gun was pointed at her in front of her car.

In another incident, a law-abiding person drew his gun believing a would-be thief on the other side of the gas pump was about to pounce.

He was not injured when the thief fled.

That person, according to the commander, was one of the lucky ones, because during the weekend in the center of the city, another man told the police that he came face to face with a man who got into his car. When this particular would-be thief got spooked, he started firing a weapon and drove off in a getaway car with accomplices.

The innocent motorist was hit, fortunately not seriously.

FOX 5 recently reported on an incident outside a strip mall where the victim did what the police chief says is the safest thing to do.

“[I] I just walked back into the store because I didn’t want to risk my safety and the safety of other citizens around here,” the victim told us.