Australia’s 10 best-selling electric car models in November

Australia's 10 best-selling electric car models in November

November was a great month for electric car adoption, with sales numbers from industry group FCAI showing a full battery EVs make up 4.7% of all vehicles month sold.

Tesla once again topped the charts with more than 1,805 Tesla Model Y sales. The previous leader, the Tesla Model 3 sedan, remained in the top three with 391 sales for the month.

Between the two Tesla models was Australia’s newest pure EV brand, BYD. It sold 845 Atto 3s for the month, which is a huge jump from other traditional manufacturers.

This is the first time an electric car under $50,000 has made the top three in the past 12 months.

November Top 10 EV Sales
Source: FCAI vFacts, The Driven

Affordable electric cars will play a big part in Australia’s passenger and fleet transition, so this electric car is important to that change. With more EVs from the brand on the horizon in 2023BYD will make an important contribution to getting more electric cars on our roads.

Speaking of affordable EVs, the fourth best-selling EV of the month was the new MG ZS EV with 361 sales. It has become quite popular among SUV buyers. The MG is eligible for state and territory grants along with the BYD.

Other notable entries in the top 10 include Volvo and their new C40 Recharge selling 243 EVs in the second month of deliveries in Australia.

Charging 2023 XC40 Pure.  Source: VolvoCharging 2023 XC40 Pure.  Source: Volvo
Charging 2023 XC40 Pure. Source: Volvo

Polestar 2 also had a good month with 240 sales. Hyundai delivered more than 150 EVs between the Ioniq 5 and the Kona EV. Hyundai has also scaled back deliveries of the original Ioniq as the year closes with 3 sales making up the total.

Ioniq 5. Source: HyundaiIoniq 5. Source: Hyundai
Ioniq 5. Source: Hyundai

BMW iX sales accounted for 61 sales in November, but the iX3 numbers remain unknown as they are reported each month within the ICE BMW X3 sales. This article will be updated as they become available.

With EV adoption continuing to rise and competition increasing with new entrants, December 2022 looks set to be an exciting month. Australia’s EV fleet is approaching 70,000 EVs before the new year hits.

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