Autocar Awards 2022: Cupra Formentor voted best all-rounder

Autocar Awards 2022: Cupra Formentor voted best all-rounder

What better car to give our best all-rounder award than a car that sits in about four segments at once and somehow manages to be an attractive option in all segments?

At first glance, the Cupra Formentor is a crossover in the form of the Toyota C-HR and Volkswagen T-Roc. This includes tough looks, relatively generous interior space and a slightly raised ride height to make it easier to load children or luggage.

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However, it also appeals to SUV skeptics. Look closely and it’s more of a big station wagon than a tall hatchback. Step inside and you can drop the seat all the way to the floor for maximum touring coach vibes or jack it up if you prefer a high driving position.

So the Spaniard is tapping the hatchback, estate and SUV boxes and, thanks to its long hood and sloping roofline, maybe even the coupe.

It also does the unenviable job of defining what Cupra stands for as a standalone brand. It’s the first Cupra that isn’t a performance version of a Seat, so there’s a few plug-in hybrids that appeal to the commercial vehicle market, as well as a range of petrol cooking versions.

Our favorite model is the current topper, which borrows its 306 hp petrol engine and four-wheel drive from the previous generation Volkswagen Golf R. Like that car, it is just as proficient at school as it is on a moor.

There are hot hatchbacks and even hot crossovers that entertain more intensely, but the Formentor 2.0 TSI offers safe, weatherproof competence straight out of the hot-hatch handbook.

If that’s not enough, the upcoming Formentor VZ5 will inherit Audi’s magnificent five-cylinder turbo engine for those who thought 306 horsepower isn’t enough firepower. That should also solve one of our few problems with the 2.0 TSI version, which is the lack of a rich engine note.