Autocar Awards 2022: The UK’s Best Cars

Autocar Awards 2022: The UK's Best Cars

Best Electric Car: Kia EV6

With a starting price of £40,000, the EV6 isn’t a cheap car, but it isn’t a cashless supercar either. While it would be an exaggeration to say that the EV6 adds supercar elements to a family car, it goes beyond most rivals to make everyday driving feel special. The styling isn’t for everyone, but the short hoodlow fenceunusual profile and wild details make it stand out and have people comment on everything.

The distinctive, innovative feel continues in the interior, which makes great use of the extra interior space and flat floor offered by the EV platform. It feels airy and cocooned at the same time, with more storage than you could with a Billy bookcase, and limousine-like legroom in the back. Unlike many recent EVs, it also has a healthy mix of responsive touchscreens and physical buttons.