BC SPCA – Chilliwack Progress

BC SPCA – Chilliwack Progress

With temperatures soaring after a long, cool spring, BC SPCA officials are reminding pet owners of the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars.

Some don’t realize how blazing hot it gets in a vehicle.

“Cats and dogs can’t give off heat by sweating like humans do, so their internal body temperature rises much faster. In a short period of time, pets can have life-threatening consequences,” said the reporter online reminder posted by BC SPCA Chilliwack.

During last summer’s deadly heat dome events, BC SPCA made more than 600 calls to rescue animals from hot cars. As a result, they launched the No Hot Pets campaign to remind zookeepers of the dangers.

Some dogs have it worse.

“Some dogs, including older pets and dogs with flatter faces, experience even more challenges in hot weather.”

The animal welfare experts say it is best to just leave the dog at home where there is plenty of space, water and shade.

“Please help us spread the word,” the reminder post read.

Be here some online tips on what to do if you see a pet in a hot car.

One is not to smash the window of the vehicle if you think a dog is in distress.

“Only RCMP, Local Police and BC SPCA Special Constables have the authority to legally enter a vehicle to help a pet in need,” the post said. “Not only are you putting yourself at risk if you break a glass window, but you also risk harming the dog.”

If you see an animal already in distress in a hot vehicle, please contact RCMP, Animal Control or the BC SPCA Call Center at 1.855.622.7722.

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