Belkin’s Car Vent Mount Pro is one of the best MagSafe accessories

Belkin's Car Vent Mount Pro is one of the best MagSafe accessories

Belkin’s Car Vent Mount Pro, a MagSafe-compatible phone mount that attaches to the vents of any car, is a sturdy and convenient way to mount an iPhone.

The Belkin Car Vent Mount Pro is a sturdy, convenient and reliable way to mount a MagSafe-compatible . to assemble iPhone for just about any car — making it one of the best MagSafe accessories on the market. Apple stunned iPhone users with the introduction of MagSafe on their smartphones in 2020, as the feature was previously exclusive to MacBooks in a very different form. Starting with the very first MacBooks in 2006 through 2015, a magnetic charging point with auto-aligning pins powered the company’s laptops. However, the proprietary charger was scrapped in 2016 in favor of USB-C ports and wasn’t expected to return until 2021. However, when the feature was brought to the iPhone, it took on a very different form—promoting a network of third-party MagSafe accessories.


The iPhone version of MagSafe takes advantage of the wireless charging capabilities that have been present on the devices for years, but adds a magnetic component that keeps a charger aligned. A major drawback of wireless charging compared to wired charging is that a wireless charging pad can be easily disconnected, draining a phone’s battery. With a MagSafe charger, the pad automatically aligns with the charging coils in an iPhone to ensure it charges properly. While this feature is useful on its own, it offers a ton of potential for third-party accessory makers. In addition, the ring of magnets in MagSafe-compatible iPhones can be used in conjunction with cases, wallets and stands that can be easily attached and removed.

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The selling point of the Belkin Car Ventilation Mount Pro is that it is specifically designed for MagSafe compatible iPhones, but it excels as a great car holder. Many car mounts, especially those that connect through the car’s heating and air conditioning vents, are mounted using clunky and brittle adjustment tools. These can be buttons that secure certain parts of the holder or clamps that hold the holder in place. Belkin’s Car Vent Mount Pro forgoes both of those common options for a rubberized mounting method that’s both sturdy and clean, and blends in nicely with the iPhone’s straight and square aesthetic. A single piece of rubber can be pushed onto a car’s vent and intuitively clamped around the slat without user intervention.

The MagSafe car holder is insanely useful

The fact that the Belkin Car Vent Mount Pro snaps onto a car’s vents and is sturdy becomes a huge factor when an iPhone is placed on the mount. Smartphones can cost upwards of a thousand dollars, and the worst-case scenario is a car holder flying out of the vent while driving. As the mount snaps securely onto a car’s air vents, a MagSafe-compatible iPhone automatically locks in place when hovering over the Car Vent Mount Pro. It has a magnetic force strong enough to hold the iPhone in place during all kinds of driving, but forgiving enough that it’s easy to take the iPhone off when needed. Since an iPhone can be placed on the holder and removed easily, it is incredibly handy and convenient.

Aside from the features of the mount, the look fits nicely with the premium aspects of an iPhone likely to be placed on the Car Vent Mount Pro. The mount is designed to be completely flat and does not require protruding clamps or stands due to the magnetic connection method. It is a mix of white, silver and gray and will go with any iPhone color. The holder is compatible with all MagSafe-compatible iPhones — including the iPhone 12 and 13 lineup — and has been tested by Belkin to work with those devices. If users are upgrading their phones to the latest models, it may be time to upgrade their accessories, and the Belkin Car Vent Mount Pro is the perfect MagSafe accessory for attaching a smartphone to a car vent.

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