Berea man hospitalized after falling from top of train car

Berea man hospitalized after falling from top of train car

BEREA, Ohio — A man from Boulder Road, 22, was taken to the Southwest General Health Center in Middleburg Heights on June 10 at approximately 11 p.m. after falling from the top of a stationary railroad car.

A resident of Butternut Lane called police after hearing screams and howls behind his house. When the police arrived, they heard a noise in the backyard. They walked to some train tracks behind the houses on Butternut and heard a woman crying. They observed two stopped trains, one on each track.

Police then spotted a woman — later identified as a 26-year-old Strongsville resident — sitting on the side of the train tracks. The Boulder man lay in a fetal position next to her.

The woman smelled of alcohol and was unsteady when she tried to get up. The man, who also appeared to be intoxicated, was unconscious. He was scratched, but no serious injuries were visible.

The police called the ambulance. They asked dispatchers to contact Norfolk Southern and order the company not to move the trains. In the man’s backpack, police found several cold cans of Twisted Tea, an alcoholic drink and a large opened bottle of tequila.

The woman, who was unharmed, told police she and the man had recently been treated at an addiction rehabilitation center. The two were dating. She said they were at the man’s house on Boulder when they decided to walk along the railroad tracks.