Best Auto Insurance in Washington DC: Don’t Take Risk

Best Auto Insurance in Washington DC: Don't Take Risk

Your car is probably your second most valuable asset after your home. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent possible accidents, but you can take precautions against them. These are the best auto insurance services in Washington DC according to locals.

Jon Laskin

Address: 5600 Connecticut Ave, Suite 400, NW Washington DC

Phone: (202) 364-7400


Jon Laskin, a State Farm insurance agent, has served the DMV area from its DC location for decades. Services include auto and vehicle insurance (whether boat, RV, or motorcycle), business insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and insurance for pets, renters, personal items such as artwork, collectibles, and jewelry. Customer service in both English and Spanish is available.

Crystal Insurance Agency

Address: 1801 Belmont Rd, Suite 201 NW Washington DC

Phone: (202) 387-9162


Crystal Insurance, another top DC insurance company, is led by: Margarita Dilone who has about 40 years of experience in the area. The auto insurance policies offered here consist of industry leading insurance policies at competitive prices. Business insurance, life insurance, home and renter insurance, health insurance and annuity insurance are also provided. You can receive bilingual customer service.

Alliance insurance services

Address: 1660 L St, #210 NW Washington DC

Phone: (202) 638-1010


Alliance Insurance, an independent district insurance agency, helps customers find the most appropriate auto insurance for their car or truck at prices they can afford, including policies that protect your vehicle if it is stolen, damaged by an uninsured driver, or destroyed by fire, or damaged in an accident without the intervention of other vehicles. Insurance for houses, renters and apartments is also available.

Strategy First LLC

Address: 20 F St, Capitol Hill, NW Washington DC

Phone: (202) 643-6323


Strategy First is a premier District motor insurance provider offering customers a range of options such as liability insurance (for medical or property damage where the customer is liable to the other party due to an accident); collision coverage (for vehicle damage or total loss); comprehensive vehicle coverage for natural disasters, theft or fire; protection against personal injury; and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection.