Best Car Companies in California, June 2022 – Forbes Adviser

Best Car Companies in California, June 2022 - Forbes Adviser

When considering your moving strategy, the question may arise whether it is worth taking the old car with you. Leaving your car behind and buying a new one at the new location can be attractive in today’s used car dealer market. Here are a few considerations regarding shipping your vehicle rather than trading it in.


Moving costs and car shipping costs can add up quickly. Saving time and money are probably the best reasons to ship your car instead of buying a new one upon arrival at the new location. It can be costly to run out of long-term installments or lease plans, as well as the time spent looking for and buying a new vehicle. Consumers who own collector vehicles that may be irreplaceable will likely find that shipping the car is the only option.


Besides being extremely time consuming, driving long distances by car can be dangerous for many reasons. Car breakdown, weather, fatigue and other unforeseen situations can negatively affect the safety of your family.

On the other hand, shipping your vehicle only compromises the safety of your vehicle, which in the hands of professionals is a minimal concern.

Save Vehicle Wear

The best way to keep your car’s current value is to have it shipped rather than adding a long-haul trip to the odometer. Let the car transport company smash up their vehicle and save yourself the trouble.

Vehicle not roadworthy

Many car carriers offer unusable car transport. It costs a little more than moving a regular car, but shipping may be the best option if you have a vehicle that won’t make a long trip. Some companies can even move cars that don’t have working brakes or can’t drive on their own.