Best cars and where to find them

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The San Francisco Area in Watchdogs 2 is a huge and faithful representation of the real location, and players will certainly drive a lot to see it all. This includes everything from simple sightseeing to full-fledged police chases and gunfights. Although there are many cars everywhere Watchdogs 2the best will be the ones that transport players around the city the fastest and in one piece.

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While virtually every vehicle can be found in the in-game Car On Demand app, they are not unlocked until the car itself is purchased. Most cars can only be bought from specific dealers, and many cars may be too expensive for certain players to buy. Fortunately, many of the cars can also be found parked or driving in San Francisco, making it easy for players to find the car they are looking for.

10 Vespid 5.2

The Vespid 5.2 is one of many great muscle cars in Watchdogs 2. Aside from its cool design, it handles itself pretty well with excellent top speed and acceleration. It is also very effective against bullets and explosives, making it a great car to use when dodging enemies and the police.

If players have the money, it can be purchased from the Auto Elite car dealer for $32,499. If that’s too expensive, the car can also be found in Golden Gate Park, Hook Motion Pictures, and the Fort Point parking lot.

9 Sonar LX

The Sonarus LX is an overall well-balanced vehicle that can carry four people very easily. It has a high top speed and acceleration and does not lose control easily.

In Watchdogs 2, players can find both a civilian vehicle and one used by Unemi as security patrol cars. The main location where this can be found is the Auto Elite car dealership for $30,000, although it can sometimes spawn as part of Unemi’s security.

8 Haikal R

What the Hailkal R lacks in durability, it makes up for everywhere. The Hailkal R’s top speed and acceleration are both fantastic, allowing it to travel at very high speeds. The car also has excellent road holding and can easily make tight turns. If players want to drive this car, the only place it can be found is at the Total Motors car dealership, which costs $22,500.

7 Zusume R

The in-game Car On Demand app describes the Zusume R as popular with the younger crowd, and each test drive with it will show players why. All in all, the Zusume R is a fantastic car to use throughout the game. With a decent top speed and excellent acceleration, the Zusume R can go quite fast if the player wants to.

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It also has near-perfect handling and acceptable durability to go up against other enemy cars. What’s even better is that players can get the Zusume R for free right from the start of the game in the Car On Demand app. It can also be displayed or parked at the Total Motors car dealership or driven around San Francisco or Oakland.

6 Scafati GT

Given its quality and commonality, the Scafati GT is a great car to choose from. Being a performance car, it has an extremely high top speed and acceleration for players who want to drive as fast as possible and even outrun other performance cars.

The handling is very nice and while the durability is generally not great, it has a higher durability than most performance cars, making it one of the best in its category. Overall, it’s a good choice, especially to evade the police. The Scafati GT can be purchased from the Auto Elite car dealership for $360,000.

5 papavero

Another great sports car is the Papavero, which can easily outrun the police. The car is equipped with excellent top speed and acceleration, making it ideal for dodging the police or just cruising at speed through San Francisco.

It has decent handling and performs well off-road when the player ventures out of town. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the best durability, but considering how fast it can go it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Players can find the Papavero at the Auto Elite car dealership for $162,000.

4 Fire truck

Despite being an emergency service vehicle, the fire truck is one of the best cars players can find in San Francisco. Since it is intended to reach locations quickly, the fire truck has a fantastic top speed and is quite fast for a heavy vehicle.

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Ideal for firefights, the fire truck is extremely durable and can easily handle a number of bullets and explosions and even an IED. It can also plow through most cars, including the police. Players can get the fire truck by traveling to the fire stations in Silicon Valley or Stanford University.

3 Danger zone

There are many special vehicles in Watchdogs 2, but the Dangerzone is one of the most beautiful. A repainted Baumsteiger, the Dangerzone surpasses its parent vehicle in that it has fantastic top speed and acceleration, as well as some of the best handling characteristics of any car in the game. Unfortunately, the Dangerzone isn’t very durable, so players should only look for this car if they want a relatively quiet ride.

The Dangerzone can be found in the garage of the SVNR building near Nudle’s headquarters. To get the car, players must use the RC Jumper to sneak inside, where they can find a red hacking terminal in a wooden box. Players can use this to open the left garage door where the Danger Zone is parked.

2 fiammetta

The Fiammetta is often regarded as one of the most beautiful cars the player can find Watchdogs 2. It is the fastest car in the game and generally has extremely good handling, even if it has a tendency to over-steer. It also has relatively low durability, but that’s to be expected in a performance car.

While it’s one of the best cars in the game, it’s also one of the most expensive, costing $700,000 at the Auto Elite car dealership. The car is also parked around Stanford University and Nudle’s headquarters.


The CHP-AAD, also known as CHIP, is one of the best cars in the game and is completely free as players progress through the main campaign. The car was designed for the fiction film CyberDriverloosely based on KITT from the television series Knight Rider. As such, it excels in virtually every category, being extremely fast and durable while also handling itself exceptionally well.

During the third story mission aptly titled “CyberDriver”, players must steal the car from the set to reuse it as the “official” DedSec car. From this point on, the player can always order the CHP-AAD whenever they want, which will always appear as the DedSec variant. However, all the excellent stats of the original car are preserved.

Watchdogs 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Stadia.

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