Best cars in Grand Theft Auto V and real counterparts

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Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best-selling video games ever and has endured three generations of different consoles. Over 160 million copies have been sold in the past nine years. It remains popular, with players joining daily. Due to its popularity, GTA V has not only created tons of new gamers, but it got people into cars. Rockstar Studios has always worked hard to pack a huge selection of unique vehicles into the games, and GTA V is no different. What are the best cars in GTA V?

GTA V’s best cars for speed

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Grand Theft Auto V has a huge lineup of cars, trucks and SUVs that is constantly growing. Due to the huge selection, there are some clear favorites among gamers. If you’re looking for speed, cornering like a pro or just want something unique, there are plenty of different options available.