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The physics based derby racer wreck party from Bugbear Entertainment has landed on the Nintendo Switch. It comes with all the grinding metal, spinning wheels and flying mud that made the original release stand out when it first launched in 2014. By now, many players have had time to become well acquainted with the game’s mechanics and features.

The fact that the quality of destruction physics in wreck party still stands out in today’s market says a lot about the engine the game runs on. But when it comes down to it, this is a game about cars, and the best cars often end up on top of the scrap heap, even if they look a bit worse for wear and tear by the time they get there.

10 Rammer RS: Nightmare with rear-view mirror

While not the most technical car on this list, the Rammer is only there for one thing: fighting other cars. With a combination of high strength and top speed, this brute can quickly close the ground and deal a lot of damage before players even know it’s there.

The battle with the Rammer is its acceleration. Once he reaches top speed he can keep up with almost anything, but it can be a challenge to get there with his clumsy body and anything that comes close. The RS model solves the acceleration problem, but comes at the cost of top speed, making it more of a pure racer than the versatile powerhouse that the standard model excels at.

9 Battle Bus: Bringing The Chaos

Each player rolls in a competitive match because the Battle Bus is not there to win a clean race. Loaded with a giant shovel in the front, this huge school bus will ram anyone it sees. A Battle Bus player’s sole purpose should be to wreak havoc, and while that can be frustrating, it’s still a viable strategy.

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Can players outrun it? Sure, but they better be sure it won’t catch up, as no car can deal more damage in a single hit than the Battle Bus. It may be a bit of a new pick, but in the right hands, this car can dominate the “alternative” set of rules present in wreck party.

8 Stock Car: the need for speed

Jumping to the other end of the spectrum, the Stock Car is all about leading the way and staying there, but it’s one of the best in its class in that regard.

It may not be the flashiest belle of the ball, crumbling like a dead leaf on even the slightest impact, but if players can get ahead early, the Stock Car’s speed and handling will see them through. However, it’s a throw – a wrong move with this pick, and it’s easy to watch for most of a race.

7 Rocket RX: Master of No One

The very first car players unlock in wreck party is also one of the most versatile. It’s not the fastest, strongest or best handling, but it holds up in every category, adapts to any type of event and looks good.

This is the car most players will learn basic tuning strategies with, and it does a great job. The Rocket is viable no matter how it is set up, which makes it great for all occasions. The RX version takes a while to unlock, but the top speed and the improvements it brings make the grind worth it.

6 RoadSlayer: Master of Everything

Another versatile car in almost every category, the RoadSlayer will make any player competitive before tuning even comes into the equation. There’s really no way to go wrong with this selection, and before the current RoadSlayer meta was one of them Wreckfest’s most popular cars.

Essentially, this is the best all-rounder in the game. The only reason Rocket wasn’t completely bumped off the list is because the RoadSlayer has to be unlocked before players can access it, which means spending hard-earned credits while the Rocket sits there for free.

5 Tristar: Modestly dominant

The Tristar is one of those cars that is completely unobtrusive to the eye and goes unnoticed until it flies past its competitors in a bend. What it lacks in instant speed it makes up for with exceptional grip and handling.

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Trouble creeps in as soon as the Tristar gets into a fight. It doesn’t take much to smash this car, and while the components are strong, the car itself isn’t. This is a very technical car to try and win in PvP; it is a clean racing vehicle that requires precise timing and careful overtaking to be effective. However, the players who know it well can embarrass anyone on the court.

4 HammerHead RS: Family-sized Fury

For a station wagon, the HammerHead is certainly mean. Surprisingly fast for his size, he can outrun most cars in a straight line and can also corner better than many of them. This is one of the most used cars in wreck party PvP because the mix of control and speed can be a nightmare, and it’s no slouch in terms of power either.

The only problem really is how damn big the thing is. Sure, more passengers can fit in the backseat, but that extended rear is an attractive target for opponents. The RS model is an improvement in almost all categories, and certainly essential for serious competition players, but it makes the car lighter. That makes it easier to push around, and given this car’s reputation online, it’s going to be pushed around.

3 SuperVenom: A Sporty Blur

This is where the current meta really starts to take hold. The SuperVenom is undoubtedly Wreckfest’s fastest car. On a straight, there is no better option available. So why isn’t it number one?

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The simple answer is that the car barely grips the track. While speed is an important factor, the slightest mistake when turning the SuperVenom will result in spinout. Every time. This is not a selection for beginners, but the player who can master turning this car will be rewarded with a vehicle that will allow him to win every race, against every player, on every track. It’s just so fast.

2 Bulldog: Old School Cool

The Bulldog is no longer the king of the wreck party meta, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get props as the best car in the game. With excellent handling, great acceleration and a surprisingly light body for its overall size, the Bulldog used to outperform bigger cars and faster cars by simply being better at something the others weren’t.

It can be armored to withstand hard impact while barely losing its top speed, making it strong enough to fight dirty and fast enough to win clean. While the days of his dominance were over, there was a time when the Bulldog was alone at the top of the wreck party pyramid, and it’s still a solid choice.

1 Raiden RS: There can only be one

wreck party fans knew this was coming. Since its release in early 2020 as part of the Rusty Rats Car Pack DLC, the Raiden RS dominates the game’s PvP racing in every category.

Second only to the SuperVenom in speed, and unrivaled in terms of grip and handling, the Raiden RS has been dictating the meta of the game for over two years now. Even novice players can pick up this car and stand a good chance of finishing in the top 10 in an online race. Unless it collides directly with a SuperVenom, or gets wrecked by a HammerHead in Turn 1, the Raiden RS will win the vast majority of the races it participates in. It’s simply the best car wreck party has to offer.

wreck party released on June 21, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch. It is also available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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