Best electric cars of the past five years

red Porsche Taycan travelling

The electric car industry shows how much can change in a short time. Ten years ago, there were hardly any electric cars on the road, as they were largely considered an impractical utopia. Fast forward to today, and we have electric car options in almost every segment, from sedans like the Tesla Model 3 to pickup trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning.

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The past five years have been particularly interesting for the EV industry, as we have seen many automakers join Tesla in the race to capture the fast-growing market. These include new players such as Lucid and Rivian, as well as traditional automakers such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. This article examines ten of the best EVs built in the past five years.

10 Rimac Nevera

In 2009, Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac founded Rimac Automobili with one goal: to build incredibly fast electric supercars that could compete with the Bugattis and Koenigseggs of the world. The Nevera shows that the company means business.

Introduced in 2021, the Nevera is a fantastic EV that has all the elements you would expect from a supercar. It looks great, but what we love so much is the power source. Equipped with a quad-motor system that generates an insane 1,914 horsepower, the Nevera takes less than 2 seconds to get to 60 mph and will reach a top speed of 456 mph.

9 Tesla Model S Plaid

In 2021, Tesla set the automotive world on fire when it released one of the most anticipated vehicles of the year: the Model S Plaid. This Plaid was the biggest upgrade ever made to the Model S since its introduction in 2012.

The Model S Plaid had a refreshed exterior design and a new interior with the controversial yoke wheel. It also got a power upgrade – unlike the standard Model S, which has two engines, the Model S Plaid was equipped with three engines that together generated 1,020 horsepower. This resulted in a 0-60 time of less than 2 seconds, which is crazy for a four-door sedan.

8 lucid air

although Tesla dominates the EV industry For most of the last decade, it now faces stiff competition from both new and traditional automakers. One of the new automakers Tesla is currently acquiring is Lucid, which previously built batteries for Formula E race cars.

Lucid Motors wants to steal a slice of the Tesla market with its flagship, the Air. The Air has a fantastic design, a luxurious interior and if you opt for the top-class Dream Edition, you get more than 1,000 horsepower and a range of 520 miles.

7 Lotus Evija

Lotus used to be one of the largest British car manufacturers of the 20th century, but the last two decades have been relatively quiet for the car maker. So when Lotus announced it was developing a new electric supercar, every gear stick looked forward to the results.

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The Evija did not disappoint when it debuted in 2019. It has a true supercar design and is insanely fast, thanks to a quad engine system with an incredible 1,970 horsepower.

6 Aspark Owl

Not many people have heard of the Japanese EV manufacturer Aspark. However, everyone will soon know as it develops one of the most anticipated electric cars – the Owl.

We love everything about the owl. For starters, just look at it – it has a low-slung, curvaceous design that is pleasing to the eye. The Owl will also be the most powerful EV ever, as it will have a quad engine system that generates 1,984 horsepower.

5 Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Porsche has dominated the sports car market for the past half century. So when it realized EVs were the future, it quickly rolled up its sleeves and developed one of the first true electric sports cars – the Taycan.

Like the petrol-powered Porsches we know and love, the Taycan delivers a fantastic blend of looks, superb driving dynamics and power. The top-of-the-line version of the Turbo S has up to 751 ponies to play with, making it a blast to ride.

4 Pininfarina Battista

For most gearboxes, Pininfarina is one of the biggest Italian design houses, responsible for coming up with beauties like the Ferrari Enzo and Alfa Romeo Spider. However, in 2020 Pininfarina decided to develop its own sports car, resulting in the Battista.

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The Battista is based on the aforementioned Rimac Nevera, but it’s hard to tell because they have different designs. Like the Nevera, the Battista is one of the fastest EVs in the world.

3 Ford Mustang Mach E

The name ‘Mustang’ needs no introduction, as it is one of the greatest muscle cars of all time. So when Ford announced it was building an electric version of the Mustang, many gearboxes weren’t happy.

When the Mustang Mach-E debuted in 2020, however, it showed that Ford was serious about becoming one of the best EV manufacturers. The Mach-E has won the hearts of the doubters because of its attractive design, practical and spacious interior and large range.

2 Mercedes-Benz EQS

Mercedes-Benz was late to the EV party, but when it finally decided to join the EQ range in 2019, it quickly showed everyone why it is one of the largest automakers in the world. The EQ range has spawned several vehicles since 2022 and the EQS is arguably the best.

Launched in 2021, the EQS is a full-size luxury sedan intended to be the EV equivalent of the iconic S-Class. We love the design, the ultra-luxurious and futuristic interior and the speed. Looking at how good the EQS is, we can’t wait for Mercedes-Benz is finally going fully electric

1 Audi RS E-Tron GT

While not many people have been paying attention, Audi is making serious strides in the EV industry. The German brand has a rapidly growing lineup of EVs, with the RS E-Tron GT leading the way. The RS E-Tron GT is Audi’s flagship EV and was developed to compete with the Lucid Air and Tesla Model S, among others.

There’s a lot to love about the RS E-Tron GT, starting with its beautiful design. This four-door sedan also has power to match, thanks to four electric motors that combine to produce 590 horsepower and 612 lb-ft of torque.