Best electric ride-on cars for kids for 2022

Best electric ride-on cars for kids for 2022

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Ride-on electric cars are all the rage among kids these days. But it’s not just cars! Trucks, motorcycles, tractors, quads – you name it, there is an electric ride-on toy for every little one. If you’re looking for a gift for the little car enthusiast in your life, check out the best electric ride-on cars for kids, chosen by the experts at your favorite car magazine.

Our top picks

From Lambos to Land Rovers, dirt bikes to John Deere tractors, battery technology has advanced to the point where most ride on replica cars can walk for an hour or more, which is a lot of fun for small tours. And with that advanced technology comes a price that is much more favorable than it was a few years ago. Some offer solo play only, while others allow for side-by-side fun. Many offer remotes for parents, giving adults the power to keep little Johnny Speedster from plowing headlong into a sandbox. All very nice.

What should you pay attention to during a ride-on?

If your kid is ready to hit the road, here it is what to look for in an electric children’s car:

Speed ​​and age limit: Electric drivable cars come in all shapes and sizes. While it may be tempting to buy something a child can grow up in, there are safety risks associated with choosing a device that is too large or too powerful for your child to easily control. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for age and weight. Some cars offer multiple speeds, parental remotes, and seat belts.

Types of Ride-On Electric Cars: Ride-ons for kids come in four main types: Side by side cars, or SxS, have two parallel seats. Quad ride-ons have the rider astride a center seat with one foot on either side. UTV are single-seat, upright variants of side-by-sides. motorcycles are what you would expect; toddler-oriented motorcycles usually have training wheels to keep the machine upright.

Batteries and Power: Most of these vehicles are powered by rechargeable six- or 12-volt batteries that require some skill and tools to replace if they fail. The length of time they will run on a single charge varies widely and over time they will all lose some power.

Additional features to look for: Some of these ride-ons offer parental speed controls. A few offer a full-fledged remote control function, using a video game style remote. Is this really necessary for low-speed electric cars? It depends on your child’s needs – and, more clearly, your needs. As with the adult cars they emulate, today’s ride-ons increasingly have modern features such as Bluetooth, USB or AUX ports to play music. Others have flashing lights, working doors, seat belts or horns.