Best Family Cars for Motability 2022

Best 4x4s and SUVs for Motability 2022

While superminis have grown to offer more space, there are times when you still need a true five-seat family car. The rise of the SUV and crossover has pulled some buyers away from the class, but you can still get a spacious and practical family car in a compact five-door body and Motability customers will find plenty of choice under the scheme.

Lower ride height and weight usually mean better running costs than a comparable crossover or SUV, while comfort and handling will also be better than the family hatchback’s high-riding counterparts. These cars are great for longer distances – some even have adaptive cruise control to lighten some of the load, and there’s a lot of useful tech onboard to help with city driving, too, like parking sensors and advanced technology including autonomous braking in the city .

Our picks for the best hatchbacks on Motability offer plenty of space and low running costs, with initial upfront payments starting from under £400, and you won’t have to pay much more for a well-specified model, either.

Below we pick the best family hatchbacks available on Motability…

Opel Astra

Opel Astra - front

The all-new Opel Astra is now available for lease through Motability. Now part of the Stellantis broad brand empire, the new Astra sits on the same EMP2 foundation as the Peugeot 308. This allowed the introduction of an Astra plug-in hybrid for the first time, although it is an expensive choice for Mobility customers.

We recommend sticking to the 1.2-litre petrol. The initial rental price isn’t huge if you opt for a manual gearbox, and the petrol engine is great for short trips around town. It’s also comfortable on the highway, and long rides are rewarded with 50 mpg fuel economy. You can expect that from a reasonably recent solid diesel engine. Incidentally, a diesel engine is also available if you plan on making the most of Motability’s annual 20,000-mile limit.

Many UK buyers like sporting attributes in their family hatchback and if you are, the mid-spec GS Line will appeal. It’s barely more expensive than the Design version on Motability, adding a black roof, adaptive cruise control and heated sports seats to the already extensive list of equipment built into Design cars.

In the trunk race, the Astra is more convenient than a Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus. The Sports Tourer estate is a strong choice if you want extra practicality, with a cargo space of almost 600 liters.

Citroen C4

Citroen C4Citroen C4

The old Citroën C4 was incredibly boring and little more than a means of transport to get from A to B, but the new one is more attractive in general. For example, it has incredibly distinctive styling and is designed to look a little more like a crossover than a family hatchback like a Ford Focus or Volkswagen Golf. That makes it look trendy, but the slightly raised ride height can be a boon if you have limited mobility.

It’s not quite as stylish inside, but we’re happy to see physical dials for the air conditioning functions. These are much easier to use than searching for them via the touchscreen, as you have to do on the outgoing Citroen C4 Cactus.

The Sense Plus trim level is the one we’d choose, both for its low prepayment (at the time of writing, if you choose the 130 petrol engine) and its generous equipment list. Bright LED headlights, multi-zone air conditioning, parking sensors, a rear view camera and a head-up display are all included, along with a tablet stand that’s hidden in the dash until your front passenger wants to use it.

Diesel versions are available for a bit more upfront, and there’s even an electric e-C4 variant with a 200-mile range (although this requires over £1,000 upfront).

It’s a little taller than its traditional hatchback rivals, but that doesn’t equate to a lot of extra functionality, as the roofline dips down quite dramatically. However, the luggage compartment and rear seats are comparable to those of a Focus or Golf.

Toyota Corolla

The Corolla is a return to form for Toyota in the family car segment, holding up well against its closest rivals in every key area. The British-built hatchback offers great refinement, smooth handling, fantastic build quality and handling that is precise and controlled, if not the last word in entertainment.

There’s little to dislike: the hybrid powertrains offer a good combination of performance and economy, even if the CVT gearbox feels a little heavy.

Toyota has given the Corolla a distinctive, sharp look reminiscent of the larger Toyota Camry sedan and C-HR SUV. Inside, the Corolla has an equally modern design that is clearly laid out and generally very well made. Each version has five seats and different levels of trunk space, but the hatchback, saloon and estate models all remain practical cars.

Traditionally, one of the best reasons to buy a Toyota has been reliability, and the latest Corolla is no exception. Outstanding finishes for both vehicle and manufacturer in our latest Driver Power satisfaction survey highlight the superb build quality, safety level and overall refinement of this premium family hatchback.

Have you ever owned one of our best family cars for Motability? Give us your review in the comments below…