Best gloves for car work reveals how Harbor Freight gloves compare

Best gloves for car work reveals how Harbor Freight gloves compare

Not all nitrile gloves are created equal

It can be frustrating to choose the best nitrile glove to work on your car. Especially if your hands tend to sweat heavily while wearing nitrile gloves, requiring frequent glove changes, which becomes expensive after a year of wringing.

However, another factor in the number of gloves you use is based on overall strength. How many times have you experienced a box of gloves that often tore when you pulled on the wrist potion while putting on a pair? Frustrating… right?! And wasted money.

And what if you need fine motor skills, only to discover that the box of expensive, heavy nitrile gloves you bought is the wrong tool for the job making working on your car frustrating because you have repeatedly fallen and lost fasteners ( or worse, a nut in the intake manifold)? Again…wasted money. And time.

The thing is, not all nitrile gloves are created equal when it comes to the task AND THE PRICE of buying a box of gloves for work on your car.

Shopping smart gloves

The good news is that someone has taken the time and energy to help you decide which brands not only work best for which tasks, but also reveals where best to spend your hard-earned cash when determining glove type and brand. .

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This recent glove test was conducted by the host of the Project farm YouTube channel where a series of physical stress tests and one chemical test were performed to show what you get for the brand of glove you normally buy.

The value of this video is that it not only shows you whether you should bother buying cheaper nitrile gloves from Harbor Freight, but also gives great advice on the most common mistake nitrile glove buyers make—buying only one brand for all jobs, when 2-3 different brands (each chosen based on a repair job) is a better choice and investment for your car’s maintenance and repair.

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That said, here’s the video worth watching in its entirety that will make me reconsider my next nitrile glove purchase.

Best gloves (nitrile vs latex)? Venom Steel vs Grease Monkey, Hardy, Phantom, Raven, Gloveworks

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