Best Hybrid Car 2022 – Renault Arkana

Best Hybrid Car 2022 - Renault Arkana
Electrification is going to be part of our future sooner rather than later, but if you’re not ready to live on battery power alone, a hybrid could make a lot of sense. The best of these mean you can make your short trips on electric power alone, but still have the backup of a conventional combustion engine (ICE) for the days when you want to travel a little further.
There are many different hybrids, all with their own technical solutions and their own advantages and disadvantages. Suffice it to say that in such a vibrant sector of the market it takes a special car to win here and that car is… the Renault Arkana! A perfect combination of Renault’s long experience with ICE cars and its more recent electrical expertise through models such as the Zoe, the Arkana is the best of both worlds – combining modern SUV looks with commendable efficiency. “The car looks beautiful,” commented one owner, “with fantastic curves that make it look ahead of its time.” Others praised the easy access from the high ride height, the comfort and – of course – the efficiency of the hybrid system and the ability to switch between electric and petrol as needed. Congratulations!