Best Long Distance Car 2022 – Skoda Kodiaq

Best Long Distance Car 2022 - Skoda Kodiaq
With flying and train travel expensive, the lure of just jumping in the car for long journeys still makes a lot of sense – not least for families looking for summer vacation destinations. To succeed in this environment, a long-haul car needs a combination of qualities, including refinement, comfort, space, efficiency and plenty of technology to keep you both safe and entertained.
Our winner for Best Long Distance Car 2022 has all this and more, so get your hands on the Skoda Kodiaq. A large, comfortable SUV, the Kodiaq is perfect for those long road trips packed with everything the family needs on a summer vacation. You can use it as a seven-seater to transport people, or fold away the third row and make the most of the space for five people and the huge trunk that remains. While you can have it with a petrol engine, diesel power still makes sense for a long-haul car: the Kodiaq’s 2.0-litre TDI offers relaxed cruising, excellent efficiency and plenty of miles between fills. With the choice of sporty vRS or deluxe Laurin & Klement versions at the top of the range, you get style and equipment to suit your taste, while the Kodiaq also offers excellent value for money. No wonder it’s a winner here!