Best Premium Electric Car 2022 – Polestar 2

Best Premium Electric Car 2022 - Polestar 2
The premium electric car market is buzzing and opening the door to this sector for brands that normally don’t mix in this business. Kia and Hyundai are a good example of this, the equally impressive EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 respectively introducing these ‘valuable’ brands to a new, more expensive audience.
Our winner is a new name in the automotive world, but one that has quickly impressed with the style and performance of its cars. Yes, our best premium electric car is the Polestar 2. Its chunky styling with its neat, understated trims looks good on the outside, but it’s super cool inside too, with exactly the design-led, tech-savvy vibe buyers of premium electric cars are fond of . Performance has been a common reason owners love their Polestars, one of the things they value about the ownership experience as “the speed, looks and cost to charge – I only gave 10/10 for everything because there are wasn’t 11!” Another simply said “the total package,” while others still appreciated the eco credentials of both the electric power and vegan trim.