Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Car Mounts 2022

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Car Mounts 2022

Despite the compact and pocket-friendly design of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, it’s nice to have it in full view when you’re in the car. Google Maps has become a de facto part of any journey more than a few minutes away, and music streaming has almost replaced radio for many people.

In that sense, there’s no need to keep your phone folded while traveling. Many car mounts come with wireless charging, but the Z Flip series requires a lower positioning to work properly. To get the most out of your Z Flip 4 on the go, one of these multi-coil wireless chargers can help you get to your destination and be fully charged when you get there.

These car holders keep your phone safe and charged on the road

Your Z Flip 4 fits in most holders, but charging is another story

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