Best snow foam 2022 | Auto Express

Best snow foam 2022 |  Auto Express

This test started out as a review of shampoos you use in a pressure washer, but the market has changed and just about every product we got for this review was snow foam.

The main difference is that most snow foams have to be delivered through a lance (opposite), which creates the blanket effect. The idea is that the layer of snow settles on the paint and loosens the dirt so that it is ready to be pushed through the pressure washer.

Our test saw how much dirt each foam shifted. We poured 100ml of the recommended mix onto a dirty panel, then washed it off and arranged the progress. We did the same with a snow foam lance and ended up counting the cost of filling a one liter lance reservoir with the recommended mix.

Sonax Profiline Actifoam Energy

Aside from temporarily changing the look of your car, this great Sonax product will prove you wrong. The effect it had on our dirty panels was most noticeable in the casting test where the solution is stronger because it is not diluted by the lance. The section to which it was applied contained much less dirt than adjacent untreated sections.

So it was one of the best in the casting test, but where it took the lead was through the lance, leaving the cleanest section by a distinct margin. It can be diluted 1:10 or 1:20, and we used the former, giving it a wash price of £1.46 and a handy advantage over many rivals. It’s also a good option if you don’t have a lance or pressure washer as it can be applied with a foam sprayer or mitt.

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Angelwax Fast foam

Our new test failed Fastfoam, which again finished on top. It was strongest in the casting test, where the dirt moved better than all but one of the rivals. It struggled a bit more through the lance, but it still made good progress after standing for 10 minutes.

Overall scores were a step behind our winner’s, but in an industry where single use can cost several pounds, Fastfoam does the job for just 50p. Good performance for such a price cannot be ignored.

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Turtle Wash Snow Foam

A two pound drop in price at Halfords since our testing this Turtle Wax snow foam helps, but it can’t overcome the formula being used neat. Most rivals are diluted in the bottle before being further weakened by the lance.

As a result, a liter still costs around £3, and you’ll probably only get five washes per pack. That’s a shame because the foam works well and was only beaten in the tests by our champion. There is also a pleasant cherry aroma.

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Halfords Pressure Washer Shampoo

Another survivor of our old tests, but it fared better than ever in our revamped procedure. The price suggests that this is only a matter of cost, but any savings are negated because the solution is used neatly.

It wasn’t a surprise to see that the foam blanket was quite thin and didn’t linger for long, but it worked well. It matched our casting test winner and supported that through the lance with a decent result. Conveniently, it can also be used to clean driveways.

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