Best USB car chargers (review) in 2022 AllNews

Best USB car chargers (review) in 2022 AllNews

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To help you keep your phone and other devices charged while traveling, check out this guide to buying the best USB car chargers in 2022. We all know how annoying it can be when our device dies on us while we’re on the road. to be. A phone without juice means you won’t be able to listen to the next episode of your favorite podcast on the go, but more importantly, it means you won’t be able to reach anyone in an emergency.

That’s why you need to have a way to charge your phone in your car. The only difference between a car charger and a regular charger is that a car charger plugs into your vehicle’s auxiliary outlet instead of a wall outlet. Car chargers allow you to plug your device’s cable into this outlet and use your car’s battery – pretty neat if you ask us. Today, we’re going to give you a complete guide to buying a USB charger for your car, featuring 2022’s top picks and some helpful information.

The best USB car charger models of 2022 in detail

AINOPE USB Car Charger: Recommended

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First on our list is this impressive USB car charger from AINOPE. This charger is available in five different colors to match your car’s interior, and it also features a recessed design that offers a sleeker look as the edges don’t protrude too much from the outlet. The dimensions of this super compact car charger are 1.7″ x 0.9″, which makes it blend in and make it a quiet option for your vehicle. Despite the compact size of this USB charger, you still get two USB ports that you can use at the same time. Each of these USB ports can provide a maximum output of 12W for fast charging speeds, and this fast charging speed, coupled with the rugged zinc alloy housing, has earned this USB car charger the number one spot on our list.


  • Maximum power of 12W
  • Robust zinc alloy housing
  • Compact, subtle design


  • Does not support Android Quick Charge

Anker USB Car Charger: Another Great Option

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Next up is this USB car charger that was offered to us by Anker. It has two charging ports on the front, providing a combined power of 24W for super-fast charging speeds. You can also choose between silver, red, and black color options to match the look of your car, and the charger’s exterior is made from aluminum alloy, making it both durable and scratch-resistant. The inner circuit of this USB charger is gold plated to provide your device with maximum charging speeds and efficiency while producing less heat during use. The charger comes with an 18-month warranty, which is a big plus, and its compact dimensions won’t take up too much space in your vehicle.


  • Features gold-plated circuitry to reduce heat
  • MultiProtect system for extra safety
  • Comes with 18 months warranty


  • Does not support Android Quick Charge

AILKIN USB Car Charger: Stylish Choice

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This compact USB car charger from AILKIN has six flashy color options to choose from and, more importantly, features two USB ports that can deliver an output of up to 17W to charge your device on the go. You can also be sure of the reliability of this charger as it is FCC, CE and RoHS certified to protect both you and your devices from damage while charging. This USB charger is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polycarbonate (PC) material which is fireproof and can help protect you and your car. There’s also an LED indicator that tells you when your device has been successfully connected, and the one-year warranty that this product comes with is like icing on the cake to top it all off.


  • Available in six color options
  • Features two USB charging ports
  • Fireproof design


TECKNET USB Car Charger: High Quality

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If you want to charge multiple devices at the same time, then look no further. This USB charger from TECKNET has a QC3.0 port that can provide an output of 18 W, in addition to three USB charging ports that can each produce an output of 12 W. This brings the total power of the charger to 54W, giving you a powerful charger with excellent speed for all your devices. The compact body of this USB charger fits well with your car’s extra port without looking out of place or taking up too much space. This charger also features an advanced intelligent safety system for its circuitry that prevents overheating, shorting or overcurrent. The case of this charger is also quite robust, and this is because it is made of metal rather than plastic, which sets it apart from other USB chargers.


  • Has a total charging power of 54 W
  • Includes a QC3.0 port for faster charging
  • Heavy, compact design


Amazon Basics USB Car Charger: Budget Option

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The last USB car charger on our list is a compact design brought to us by Amazon Basics. It features two USB ports that provide 24W charging power and also features device detection for lightning-fast charging speeds. There’s also a handy LED light above the ports to tell you if your device is plugged in or not – there’s nothing worse than plugging in your phone and not being sure why it’s not charging. This USB car charger is RoHS, CE and FCC certified to provide a high level of safety for both you and your car, and the built-in safety system protects against overvoltage, overload and short circuit. The charger also fits nicely into your car’s charging port without sticking out too much, and the red-and-black color scheme goes well with most car interiors.


  • Two 12W charging ports
  • Built-in safety system
  • One year warranty included with purchase


Finding Your Next USB Car Charger: A Buyer’s Guide

Finding a great USB car charger with the many options available in the market is not easy. To help you in your quest, here’s our guide to buying this handy device:

What should you pay attention to when buying a USB car charger?

To help you find a great USB car charger for your vehicle, here are some things to keep in mind when shopping:

Charger size

Trust us, you don’t want your car’s appearance ruined by a bulky USB charger. A more compact, easy to store and portable charger would be a much better option, and it will integrate better with your car’s dashboard and make for much more convenient use. You can check the size of a USB car charger by going through the product description, where the dimensions are usually listed.


You should also make sure that the USB car charger you get is compatible with your phone, otherwise it may damage your device or not provide enough output to charge it quickly. The devices that a USB car charger is compatible with are usually listed in the product description or FAQ.

How much do USB car chargers cost? Are they worth buying?

USB car chargers are quite cheap compared to other car accessories, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good two-port charger in the $8 to $20 price range. A four-port option, however, would be something can cost more.

The price of a car charger is determined by its build quality and output capacity. A charger with a metal case will cost you more than a plastic one, and the higher the output power of a charger, the more expensive it gets.

Car chargers are not only cheap, but they are worth every penny you spend. The biggest reason USB car chargers are worth buying is that they can save you a lot of time and hassle. Without a USB car charger, if your phone’s battery is low, you’ll have to wait for it to charge before you can leave the house, and we all know how long it takes to fully charge your phone, right?

Even then, there’s always a chance that your phone’s battery will run out. Breaking news – USB car chargers can solve this problem! It allows you to charge your phone while you travel, saving valuable time. By using a car charger, you’ll never have to put off your trip and wait for your phone’s battery to charge – with a USB car charger, your car can become the only charger you’ll ever need (at least if you’re driving). ).

How we chose our favorite USB car chargers

To ensure you get the highest quality USB car charger for your car, here are the factors we considered when selecting our top picks:

Multiple charging ports

A USB car charger with only one USB port is not really worth it. Don’t get us wrong, it’s certainly useful, but we want you to be able to charge at least two devices at once. That’s why we only chose car chargers with multiple USB ports, which can provide fast charging speed even when both ports are used at the same time. You can check how many ports a car charger has by going through the product description or by just looking at the pictures (usually you’ll know right away).


Phones are one of the most expensive items we own today, which is why we should consider their safety when choosing a car charger. The safety features of a USB car charger are mentioned in the product description, and our team has made sure to choose only chargers with solid safety features against overheating and overcurrent.

Terms and Conditions for USB Car Chargers

To help you get a great deal, here are some explanations for the technical terms you may come across when shopping for USB car chargers:


The wattage of a USB car charger is the amount of power it can deliver. As a rule of thumb, the higher the wattage, the faster your phone charges. A good car charger will provide at least 12W of power to quickly charge your device, and you can easily check a charger’s wattage by reading the product description.

CE, FCC and RoHS

Speaking of product descriptions, you may come across terms like CE, FCC or RoHS certifications while shopping. These certifications indicate that your charger meets safety standards to keep you and your devices safe.

Frequently Asked Questions About USB Car Charger

Q: Should I get the highest wattage USB car charger I can find?

It’s generally a good idea to go for the highest wattage you can find when buying a car charger for your phone, but you should check the maximum charging wattage your phone supports as it would be too much to go by this limit to exceed. You can find out your phone’s maximum wattage by looking in the box or doing a quick search online.

Q: Where is the extra socket in my car?

An auxiliary power port is a deep circular port on your dashboard – in modern cars it is often covered with a lid. You can also have multiple additional outlets if you own a larger vehicle, such as a van.

Q: Do I have to unplug the charger when I’m done using it?

Depending on the product you have chosen, your car charger can continue to use power while the car is turned off. It’s a good idea to take it out once you’ve used it, but it should be fine if you happen to leave it on as the charger’s power consumption is usually insignificant.

Q: Can I connect USB fans to chargers?

Yes, you can connect any compatible accessory with a USB car charger, but make sure the device you connect is reliable and safe. You can do this by looking for safety certifications such as CE and FCC.