Best Value Electric Car 2022 – Skoda Enyaq

Best Value Electric Car 2022 - Skoda Enyaq
In addition to fears of range, the cost of buying an electric car is often presented as a major barrier to making the switch, so while the headlines go to premium models with supercar performance, the Best Value Electric Car award may be one of the most important.
Here too, the Skoda Enyaq is a deserved winner. In itself it is the car a family could wish for, as it is spacious, stylish, packed with technology, but also easy to drive with a decent range and strong performance. Something we discover for ourselves during our long-term test with one and in Video review by Rory Reid† But the real trick is the pricing, and the fact that the Enyaq doesn’t look much more expensive to buy than a similar-sized SUV powered by a conventional combustion engine. Still much cheaper to use. It’s a seriously impressive feat, and the icing on the cake of an already very tasty cake!