Best Value New Car 2022 – Dacia Duster

Best Value New Car 2022 - Dacia Duster
Letting your money go further is of course a huge draw, but doing it without any compromise in style is just the icing on the cake for the Dacia Duster. Because this is a car you’ll want to buy because it looks cool, not just because it’s our most affordable car for 2022.
Recently upgraded with enhanced driver assistance and safety technology, the Duster can now be supplied with an automatic gearbox and comes with the option of two- or four-wheel drive. In its latter form, it’s a really capable off-roader for those who need to get around the rough stuff, but the Duster is just as good around town, where the crossover ride height gives drivers extra confidence. The Bi-Fuel version, meanwhile, adds an extra fuel tank for LPG, which costs a lot less than petrol and contributes to a potential 700-mile range between fillups if you combine the two. All but the most basic equipment also includes a touchscreen infotainment system to which you can connect your phone to navigate and use your apps via CarPlay or Android Auto. Just as many smart households have awakened to the benefits of shopping at budget supermarkets, the Duster offers the same to drivers – allowing you to let your money go further without sacrificing any obvious quality. Congratulations, Dacia!