Best Vehicles in Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Sam Bridges sitting in his roadster vehicle that's new to Death Stranding Director's Cut on left, Sam and his reverse trike on top right, Sam posing next to a Cicada MC 2000 on bottom right

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is an updated version of the game released alongside the PS5 port. This edition of Death Stranding includes many new technical improvements, gameplay mechanics, game modes, cosmetics, equipment and more. Death Stranding Director’s Cut is filled with different genres and tones such as sci-fi, horror and action, but it is mainly a game about making deliveries.

This means that vehicle travel plays an important role in how the player chooses to interact with the game. With the Director’s Cut adding another transport vehicle to Sam’s roster will hopefully allow players to see which machine is best for their needs.


5 The Cicada PHIA

The Cicada PHI is a truck that is basically the same as the Cicada MC 2000 that also appears in the game. It is a large four-wheeled truck that can transport huge amounts of materials. What sets this apart from the MC 2000 version is that this truck is used exclusively by MULES and terrorists.

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This means that it is not possible for Sam to save or modify them. These vehicles can only be found in enemy camps and will rarely be used by players. Since it is not possible to manufacture, repair or store them, the Cicada PHI is most likely the worst vehicle in Death Stranding

4 The floating carrier

The Floating Carrier is not a vehicle in the traditional sense, but it is something Sam can drive to cross terrain. It’s a small carrying device that attaches to Sam’s backpack with a lanyard and uses chiral crystals to float above the ground. Sam can use this to transport many different materials across different terrains.

The special thing about The Floating Carrier, however, is that when it is empty, it can also be ridden by Sam himself. Sam can use his feet to create momentum, but he is best used to gain speed by traveling down big hills or mountains. Might not be the safest way to traverse a mountain, but it sure is the most fun way. Unfortunately, The Floating Carrier crashes very easily and costs the use of chiral crystals, so maybe Sam should pick a more practical vehicle.

3 The Roadster

The Roadster is the new vehicle added to Death Stranding as part of Director’s Cut† It is unlocked after building the newly added race track structure. The racetrack allows Sam to test the speed of all his vehicles and provides a fun new way to play the game. The Roadster is a car specially designed for track use. Its high speed, stylish design and compact size make it perfect for racing. Unfortunately, this also means that this vehicle is not very practical off-road.

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Since the majority of Death Stranding’s terrain is bumpy, wet and unsafe, the Roadster isn’t worth using until Sam has laid out the highway systems on the map. Of course, this means that players will most likely only use The Roadster in the late game, which is why it’s arguably not very useful. This is especially so because it can’t carry much cargo either.

2 The Cicada MC 2000

The Cicada MC 2000 is the other truck in Death Stranding that players will often see. It becomes available for manufacture after reaching the distribution center south of Lake Knot City and completing order number 35. The Cicada MC 2000 can carry more cargo than any other vehicle or device in the game, making it one of the most important transportation options. is available to the player.

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Like the other vehicles, this option is battery powered, so players will need to build generators to use them continuously. Due to its enormous size, the MC 2000 is not very useful when it comes to traveling over diverse terrain. It also has poor handling and speed. The best way to use this truck is for big late game deliveries along the highways that Sam has built.

1 The inverted tricycle

The Reverse Trike is probably the most useful vehicle in Death Stranding Director’s Cut, and it will be the one that most players will spend the most time on. It is found very early in the campaign in the distribution center west of Capital Knot City. As Sam progresses through the story, he will be able to fabricate and even transform Reverse Trikes into other versions. The Long Range Trike adds another battery pack to the trike to extend battery life.

The Defensive Trike adds some plating to protect against enemy weapons and equipment. Both upgrades sacrifice some space for materials, though. Capable of traversing most of the terrain during the game, the Reverse Trike has good steering capabilities and high speed. This makes it arguably the best vehicle available in Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is now available on PS5 and PC. The vanilla version is also available on PS4.

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